How to make money flow towards you (for real!)

Make money flow to you: it’s easy!


There are many new-age ultra-spiritual gurus around who will give you advice on how to make money flow to you, for example: burn sage, pray, tithe to your church, dance naked under the full moon, sacrifice virgin black goats to the pagan money gods… (you can burn pictures of goats if you’re vegan or squeamish).

Unfortunately none of these methods have any basis in science or economics, and they only seem to make the gurus richer, not you.

So here’s *really* how to do it, scientifically proven, from someone who knows…

  1. Use a Mantra

One money mantra of mine is I do NOT do free advertising for multi-billion-dollar companies“. 
Search my entire wardrobe and you will not find a single shirt, hat, belt or any other kind of outfit which is emblazoned with a brand name on it.
Ralph Lauren doesn’t need his ad for free on your chest, neither does Nike or Adidas need their name on your pants. Unless you have a sporting or sponsorship deal where they pay you to market their brand, purchase a *good quality* unbranded outfit and save the difference into an investment account.
If all of your friends are wearing Gucci, Tommy, Kloe etc, then feel free to invest into those trending companies by buying stock in the company (you can use a discount broker such as RobinHood to buy as little as $50 worth of stock). Own the companies. Get paid by the companies for investing into their stock. Do not work for them for free.
In the award-winning best-seller “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)“, there are over 1000 examples of different brands and how to profit from them; by buying their stock, not by running free ads for them.
You are not sacrificing quality, status or anything else by refusing to wear branded goods; you are reclaiming your sovereign nature, and realising that your body is worth more than being a free billboard for some faceless mega-corporation.
Take notice of what billionaire Steve Jobs wore, or what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett or Richard Branson wears. These billionaires value their bodies and do not do free ads. Buy good quality so it lasts a long time, and only wear brands if they pay you to do so, otherwise, make them pay you by owning stock in their company.

2. Use another Mantra

Another mantra I have used for many years is, “If I didn’t own it, would I buy it now?” 

This mantra arose after I had been successfully investing into the stock market, and had made gains of 450% up to 800% *but I did not sell* and the market crashed. Ouch! Nothing sobers you up faster than when your ten-cent stock rises to $2 (I’m a genius!) and then crashes to five cents the following year (oh crap!).
This mantra was a reminder that the stock which was “a bargain” to me at $10 was no longer a bargain to others when it reached $100. If I wasn’t willing to buy it at that price, others may also refuse to buy it, and the value could soon plummet.
“If I didn’t own it, would I buy it now?” became a mantra I printed out and stuck up above my PC so I would see it every day. It reminded me to sell when a stock or property or any other asset looked overpriced.
Over time, I came to apply this mantra to many other things, such as objects around my house.
My barbeque, for example, was only used once a year on my birthday, and otherwise just sat there taking up room and looking untidy. Using the mantra, I thought, “No, I would not buy it if I didn’t own it”, so I sold it. I decided to rent a BBQ once a year, and put the capital money into investments. I later did the same with old clothes and other unwanted items (sell them or donate them to charity).
It is a spiritual law that Money likes *FLOW* and the faster you are rid of clutter (old investments or unused belongings), the faster the new money can flow to you.

3. Use another Money Mantra

Another favourite mantra of mine is “Invest where you spend” and it can be used for many companies, not just clothing labels, banks or takeout. You can purchase stock in your daily utility companies, such as power, phone service provider etc.
Wherever you spend money on a weekly or monthly basis, may be a great investment for the longer term. Remember to DYOR (Do Your Own Research), apply the second mantra to check for value, and remember to sell your stock if your own or your friends’ interest wanes. Some companies may trend like a fad and then pass, so #staywoke and watch where the flow is going now.
You can use the book “Who’s Taking Your Money?” to discover many of the corporations behind thousands of brands, or do your own research on Google.
Even the company who has your mortgage, car insurance or where you buy fuel: invest a little bit of your money into ownership of  whoever takes a piece of your paycheck, and you too, can get some of your money back. 
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Silver’s Golden Secret

gold silver.PNG

Silver has a Golden Secret: a magical ratio which has been around since Egypt, Rome and before modern countries and currencies existed. Learn the code and prosper.

The case for silver:

Geologists know there is 17x as much silver in the earth’s crust as gold. If silver is 1/17th as scarce, it should theoretically be 1/17th as valuable as gold. Historically, it often has been priced at a 17:1 ratio. Right now, the ratio has gone nuts.

Ancient Romans fixed the price of gold vs silver at 15:1, thousands of years ago, before there were geologists, and before there even was an AD or CE after the date.

The gold/silver ratio was fixed at 15.5:1 by European law in the 1700’s, and by the USA in the 1800’s, and held true up until the 1840’s, when people went crazy.

The famous 1850’s “Gold Rush” saw people get “gold fever”, gold prices increase rapidly and silver lag behind. The long-running 15:1 ratio became 20, and then 30 as gold became seen as more ‘trendy’ than its cousin.

The gold/silver ratio was out of alignment even leading into WW2, with the gold/silver ratio peaking at 97:1 in 1940 as Nazis and Allies sought to accumulate as much gold as possible.


When you stretch a rubber band too far, it has to snap back. After WW2 ended, the gold/silver ratio dropped back to the more normal historical territory. Gold prices scarcely moved by more than a couple of dollars over the next 30 years, whilst silver prices went up over 470%

When the USA dropped the gold standard in 1971, the next decade saw $US fall in value at the same time as gold was in demand. Gold prices rose 1700% and silver lagged a little, increasing around 1000% in less than 10 years.

Heading into the 1990’s (a decade of high interest rates), gold prices dropped almost 50% and silver dropped further, around 75%. Cash was king, but with silver dropping far more than gold, the old ratio was out of alignment; once more over 90:1.

Gold prices dropped steadily whilst silver stayed firm. It took gold almost 13 years to go back to its previous highs. From 1990 to 2003, gold went backward whilst silver piled on 20%. The long-running ratio was proving itself once more.

Although gold prices picked up 240% during the lead-up to the GFC, silver piled on more than 300% over the same period. The gold/silver ratio had dropped from 90+ to just 58; and by 2011, to 44.

and now…

In 2019, with Trade Wars, negative interest rates, fears of hyperinflation in the west and inverted bond yields, gold has risen to new highs, and receives a lot of media attention.

What the news fails to tell you, is that the ratio is again nudging 90:1, and it may not stay there long.

Mark Twain said, “History may not repeat, but it definitely echoes“. The last few times that the gold/silver ratio nudged north of ninety, it has dropped back to 50 or below within a couple of years.

To get back into ‘the zone’, one of two things would need to occur:

1) gold prices would have to drop by half from current levels (which is very unlikely), or 2) silver prices would have to double.

I am not saying that the current silver price of $27 per ounce will again hit or exceed $49 per ounce (like it did on April 29th, 2011), but do not be surprised if the ratio which has been around for over 6000 years, still holds true in a modern world filled with lies and politics.

It’s hard to argue with historical precedent, and it’s impossible to argue with geology 🙂

**Disclaimer: the author has been stacking silver throughout 2019, as he is a firm believer in historical echoes and not hysterical pricing. He also owns stock in silver mining companies (bought late 2019) and other scarce commodities such as bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrency. The above information is for educational purposes and is not financial advice. Stay woke: turn off the TV and pick up a history book. See you after GFC 2.0 😉
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Beating the billionaires (run before the gun)

thought transfer lightbulb ideas

Back in 2005, I asked the question: “Who’s Taking Your Money?” (and then promised to show you how to get some of it back!).

If you didn’t buy the book, the answer was “big corporations are taking your money: banks, insurance companies, elecricity companies, governments, telcos, grocery chains and so on…” and then we showed you how to “flip the script” and get some of the money back.

People who followed the advice reclaimed their power, got smarter and often became millionaires in the process.

And now it’s time to do it all over again. In a new market. This time you can get there before the big corporations take over.

Bitcoin and crypto came out of the shadows and into the limelight last year

  • Stellar was up 14,441%
  • Dash soared 9,265%
  • Ripple climbed 36,018%.

2017 was an amazing year for crypto investors.

But if we switch to 2018, the difference is stark.

On 8 January 2018, the entire crypto network was valued at almost a Trillion dollars (US$830 billion)

By 6 February, only four weeks later, the market had more than halved in value. Bang! All the way down to just $281 billion.

That was a 66% drop in a single month.

Bitcoin dived 69%, Ethereum shed 59% and Litecoin dropped 70%.

Although we’ve recently seen the market recover and most cryptos bounce back, heaps of financial analysts have declared the recent correction as “the end of cryptocurrency”

Yeah, well… what do they know?

Number one: this is a new asset class, and historical rules cannot be used for disruptive technology (who knew 20 years ago that we’d be sharing cars with strangers, staying in stranger’s homes, or spending hours a day on social media?)

Number two: although the history of crypto is only a decade, there’s a pattern:
**Every time cryptos have fallen they’ve come back stronger than ever.**

23 January 2014: JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon called bitcoin ‘a terrible store of value’. Yes, at the time, bitcoin had halved (as it does most Januarys).

By March 2017, bitcoin had recovered all of its gains, and then some.

September 2017, Jamie Dimon called bitcoin ‘a fraud’. Bitcoin prices fell from around $5,000 to less than $3,000.

In the months that followed, bitcoin raced to $20,000

Obviously, the “expert” didn’t know jack…

Yes, bitcoin tanked again after its peak. But the show is not over yet. In fact, it’s just beginning.

A few years ago, bitcoin and crypto was used almost exclusively by “geeks, nerds and weirdos” (they said the same thing about the internet in 1995).

Then things started to become more mainstream, and millions of “mum and dad” investors from all over the world piled into crypto.

Watch what happens now, as hundreds of millions of people have all seen the power and utility of the underlying blockchain. It’s not just making money out of a crypto currency climb; blockchain shows us that we can do bank settlements and payments *instantly* without waiting three days for a bank transfer.

Very few people mail a stamped letter to a friend now, once they have used email or instant messaging. In the very near future, people will walk away from traditional banks and stock exchanges… unless they offer instant settlement, anonymity and utmost security (like blockchain does).

Some of the major players in banking and finance are adopting blockchain, as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) comes into play. It’s almost a historical replay of when businesses realised they could market their ads on the internet, and newspaper ads and Yellow Pages started to die…

The “mum and dad” investors have paved the way for big business. They have seen what blockchain can do, and now they want things, and they want things *now* (not in three days).

Big business will have to evolve or die out. We have seen a few banks trial blockchain for cash settlements. Now Wall Street, stockbrokers and billionaires such as George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are planning to invest in the crypto market starting this year.

You have only seen the start of the revolution.

Many people say “I wish I had invested into Microsoft/Apple/Google/Amazon/Facebook etc. back in the early days…”

If you are in the crypto market already, or if you are about to get in, these *are* the early days.

It’s interesting to see that the “big money” is following the general public, rather than leading it. There are probably Wall Street icons and billionaires out there who know even less about crypto than what you do… But they will learn fast.

George Soros made a billion dollars in one currency trade, in one day. He’s not foolish. Rockefeller and Rothschild made billions by getting into emerging industries before they became massive or mainstream. They are not silly.

The bigger institutions will not quibble over a few cents in stock price (or even a few million dollars). When they take a long-term view, they will likely pay any amount to take a position.

Perhaps you missed out on investing into Microsoft, Apple or Facebook. Maybe you didn’t get onto the internet until after all of your friends did. But this time, you can get into crypto before the corporations and institutions buy in. Your time is now.

It’s time. Get involved. Get educated. Get active. Invest like your life depends on it. Don’t be sitting there in 20 years saying “I wish I had invested into crypto back in the day…” Because today is that day.

Join a crypto group on Facebook. Watch a few Youtube clips. Start to understand the crypto jargon (it’s much more simple than you may think).

At one stage, we all had to have a friend explain to us what the typed abbreviation “LOL” actually meant; now some people use it in spoken conversation. The crypto-jargon is just abbreviation, and you’ll master it quickly.

Don’t miss the boat because you don’t understand the language. Find out. Learn something. Ask a friend. Join a group. Watch some videos (twice if necessary). Educate yourself and enrich yourself.

This is your chance to be better at something than the old-money billionaires. But only if you start learning now. Get googling 🙂

More information and free resources at, or on Youtube — be sure to subscribe for weekly updates.

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We are One; you are never “too”

sanur beach bali 10 01 2016.jpg

See the water. See the people. See the people in the water. See the water in the people. See all as One, for you are never “too”…

We are One; you are not “too”. 

Major religions teach that we are All One, originating from one source and returning to that same source, suffering under the illusion of separation. 

Quantum science tells us that we are all One; all inextricably interconnected & all inseparable.

The man-made world will try to tell you that you are different, that you are separate, that you are “too”.

When you believe that we are One, when you believe it in your deepest core, then you no longer wish to harm others, as to harm others would harm yourself.

When you believe and act as if “We are One”, the world becomes an extension of yourself. You stop seeking to fix others or change others, and instead, you work on yourself.

If religion started and ended with the words “We are One”, then life would be simpler. With this belief, the world becomes easier. Life becomes joy.

The man-made world will say that “you are too”… They say this spurious nonsense to you, not to help you, but for their own greedy agenda.

“You are too…” This phrase implies that you are separate, that you are somehow wrong or bad; it implies that you need to get fixed.

Listen to who says “you are too fat” or “you are too thin”: is it the media or magazines trying to sell you diet, exercise, supplements or an impossible ideal?

Who says, “you are too dark” or “you are too pale”? Are they trying to sell you a facewash, skin lightening cream, fake tan or bronzer?

Who says, “you are too ugly”? What are they trying to sell you? Makeup? Plastic surgery? Expensive clothing? Hope in a bottle?

Who says, “you are too strong, too weak, too effeminate, too masculine, too sensitive, too hard-working, too lazy, too gay, too straight, too smart, too stupid, too fast, too slow, too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too introverted, too extroverted, too immature, too sensible, too liberal, too conservative…”?
What are they trying to sell you?

Why do they want you to conform with an arbitrary ideal, made up by them in their own heads? To further their agenda? To give them more control? To make them feel better?

Why should you listen to anyone with a private agenda who says “you are too”?

Just know that We are One. 

The toe does not tell the finger to walk the earth. The heart does not tell the eyes to pump blood. The teeth do not tell the ears to grind food. We may seem different yet we all work together as one. None could thrive as well without the well-being of all the others.

Be yourself, and be mindful of others, as they be themselves. Be aware of the paradox. Accept everyone, except no one.

If you’re reading this, I accept you. We are One. You are never ever “too”  🙂   🙂

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Are you the dog or the tree? 🐕🌲

#trading 🐕 or 🌲?

I mentioned to someone quietly that I was up 50% in 24 hours on #crypto trading. He accused me of “taking advantage of newbies”…

I’ve been in the stockmarket and property market for 25 years. I have learned a lot (but not everything). I’ve never taken advantage of anyone, because, karma… 🙏😆🙏

In my stock dealings, I’ve occasionally gained 600-800% from a good stock pick, and occasionally lost 100% of my share holdings (I can teach you how to do that if you like!) 😆

In my property deals, I’ve occasionally made 160% and occasionally lost 20-30% (I can also teach you how to lose tens of thousands of dollars in property, very quickly!) 😂

The point is, we are ALL newbies at #bitcoin and #altcoins and #cryptocurrency.

Nobody knows everything, nobody has 20 years experience, and sometimes, when trading, you get lucky and sometimes you get unlucky.

I’ve made a motza in stocks by picking the “biggest loser” (and sometimes lost by choosing a loser)

I’ve made money with the “most popular” and I’ve lost money on favourites.

Whether you’re a #quantitative investor or a #qualitative investor, you’re not an all-knowing goddess; sometimes you’ll be up and sometimes you’ll go down

As a friend once said: “Some days you’re the dog, and some days you’re the tree”

If you win, be generous and kind, and be very humble; like a lucky happy dog 🐶

If you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Accept that you’ve been pissed on, and use that in order to grow; like a lucky watered tree 🌲

Trading crypto may be similar to trading stocks, but we don’t have 200+ years of stock market data to look back on.

Be careful. Be humble. Be generous with any knowledge or any $$ you make. And if you lose a few $$, look for the blessing or the lesson

#cryllionaire #btc #eth #xrp

Best-selling stock market and property market book (WTYM) available at from $2.99

Free crypto training videos, free bitcoin book at

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World’s greatest NYE resolutions (that may stick!)

How to cultivate the best habits for  having a truly awesome year

Many people make 1-2 New Year’s Resolutions and then consciously or unconsciously, they disappear within a few weeks or months.

Joining the gym, starting a new habit, running a budget and writing down all of the money you spend, going on a diet, flossing after meals… I have seen them, tried them and watched myself fail and watched others fail so many times.

By putting up a requirement to pursue a new goal for 365 days, you are almost guaranteeing that you will fail.

Forgive yourself and forget the New Year Resolutions. It is unlikely that you will be able to begin a new habit from a standing start and continue it for a whole year; that’s a lot like thinking that you could run a full marathon without first running a mile.

To make a new habit or a new set of habits, is like starting a cold car first thing in the morning. You may have to run the starter a few times to get it going from zzzzzzz to zoom: R R R R — rrrrrrrrrr RRRRR — RRRRRRR—RRRR- VROOM!

My suggestion is for you to make a RRR-revolution, not for the whole year, but simply for each new MONTH.


Try a thirty day commitment, instead of a 365 day sentence. There, doesn’t that sound easier?

January may be the ideal time to start getting up an hour earlier while the sun is up and walking before breakfast. Do this every day for a month and see how you feel. If you like it, continue with it; if you don’t like it after 30 days, then quit that habit with full pride after doing it for 30 days, and then move happily onto the next project.

February could be a good time to do a detox in your diet, while there is still plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in season. Make juices or smoothies in a blender: mix and match different colours, fruits with veges, sweet with sour, whatever makes you feel good. Experiment with different combinations and have FUN while you cut down on breads, grains, processed foods, meat and dairy for 30 days. See how you feel after a month, and if you like it, continue, and if you don’t, then go back to your old ways.

March could be a good time to up the ante on the exercise, just because it is March: instead of walking, you can March forth with your head and arms high (marching forth is particularly useful on the day of March Fourth). Some call it power-walking or posing, but you can say “I am marching for March” every day for 30 days. Continue until the 30th and then see if you’d like to continue the new energising habit.

April can be a good time to get spiritual: it is the season of Easter, Passover, Pascha, Ishtar, Hathor, Kali, Bacchanalia and many other great religious festivals that celebrate new life, happiness, fertility, sex, fun and love. Join a class and learn to meditate: meditation and focussed thought in prayer are common to all major religions. A new spiritual awareness will create more peace of mind and happiness in you — this will affect others around you.

May could be a great time to do something that you wanted to try but were not sure if you May like it: consider a drawing class, enrolling in a free educational at your local library, a DIY course at your local hardware store or following up your roots on Just do it: it’s only thirty days.

June is a great month to think about Tax and where you spend your money. Carry a notepad for 30 days and record all of your incoming & outgoing expenses for the month. Consider the areas that you could possibly cut back on, or consider how you could claim a tax deduction for some of your work-related expenses. Jesus was possibly talking to a Roman tax collector when he said, “Ye have not (a tax deduction) because ye ask not (for a tax deduction). Ask and ye shall receive (a possible tax deduction).”

July is winter in the southern hemisphere and a good time to snuggle up with either a romantic book or a romantic partner. Make it your mission this month to spend more time at home and invest time with your loved ones (that’s YOU if you are single). Do what makes you happy and ask yourself the question for 30 days: Does this enrich my relationship (with myself or with another)? If it does, keep doing it, if not, try something that does!

August comes from a word that means “respected, impressive, majestic” and you will be in the august company of other great people if you start to see yourself as you truly are. For 30 days, work on your self-esteem. Other people seem to like you, others can see your talents and your potential, so why not you? Commit to discovering and enhancing your inner worth: cut off the scratchy bits and reveal the diamond inside of you. Read books, listen to CD’s and do whatever it takes to boost your confidence, enhance your self-esteem and realise who you can truly be; every day for this month.

September was traditionally the seventh month, and seven was sacred to God, because She rested on the seventh day. (Yes, God was female: how else do you explain all that multi-tasking?) A good time to rest, recuperate and recharge your batteries: you have been working on yourself for some months now and it’s time to take a well-deserved break. Read fiction books, take long baths, have a massage, schedule your playtime into your calendar FYRST and then plan your work around it. Take care of yourself this month and know that we will be back to working on yourself again soon.

October; traditionally the eighth month and according to Asian tradition, the symbol for wealth and abundance. Make a commitment to do whatever it takes to enhance your personal wealth, without much extra effort: you can learn how to buy stocks/shares/cryptocurrency  with as little as $500 (there’s a great book called “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)”, available on Amazon, that shows you how to invest into common household brands and make uncommon profits). You can look at starting a small online business such as selling your creative hobby items on eBay. Once you make $500 from your creative hobby business, you can buy some stocks/shares/cryptocurrency. Once you make $20 000 from your shares, you can buy some property or a bigger business. Once you have that, you are making passive income. Rinse and repeat.

November, once the ninth month and symbol of perfection, now the eleventh month where you start to think about Christmas plans. Make your plans perfectly imperfect and allow for unexpected guests, unexpected expenses and other surprises. Schedule a full safety check on your car so that you know exactly what may go wrong before it occurs, review your insurances, have a checkup with your doctor or see a relationship coach even if you think there are no issues. It’s nice to know about little things before they become larger.

December again and we are almost done. If you’ve followed the instructions for New Year RRR-Revolutions, then you have not just picked up one new habit, you have revolutionised and evolved many areas of your life. Allow yourself the grace of dropping the habits that didn’t resonate with you or the ones that didn’t seem to stick: it’s OK, Henry Ford couldn’t paint cathedrals and Michelangelo couldn’t tune a carbeurettor; forgive yourself and vow to do what you love and love what you do. Keep the habits that you liked, let go the ones you didn’t and next year, plan to continue to work on many little areas instead of one big one: you may find that by taking a few committed steps, that eventually, the marathon takes care of itself.

Jeremy’s discipline of self-improvement has included 1500+ daily sunrise meditations, weekly business or self-improvement books and recording a weekly inspirational video on youtube. Step by step transforms the world.m

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The Worry-Free Mind

reading The Worry-Free Mind, by Carol Kershaw & Bill Wade

It’s completely natural to worry from time to time. But it’s a problem when your life is controlled by fears and anxieties.

Fortunately, there are ways we can calm our mind and get some relief. The brain is very capable of falling into patterns that constantly promote stressful thoughts. But we can add new patterns to our daily routine, and, before long, change the negative into a positive.

Actionable advice:

1) Meditation

Meditation is a way of getting rid of the clutter that causes a brain to function poorly. It also helps bring the brain down from the frantic beta state and into the calm and cool alpha state, which is where you can chill out and live worry-free.

2) Say Cheeeeeese!

Next time you feel a bit worried about a job interview or taking an important phone call, try smiling! By holding a smile for 60 seconds, you’ll find that your worry will begin to vanish. That’s because of the interconnectedness between your physiology and your internal, emotional state.

3) Change your focus

Look around without moving your eyes. One of the best ways to refocus your attention is to use your peripheral vision. This is the area of your vision that exists off to the sides of whatever you’re directly focusing on. This takes some practice, so start by keeping your eyes locked straight ahead, but rather than noticing what’s directly in front of you, take notice of what’s to the left or right edges of your vision.

You’ll find that, when trying to use your peripheral vision, it’s rather difficult to entertain a negative thought. Why? Because you’ve shifted your attention. So the next time you’re stuck, engage your peripheral vision and get yourself unstuck.

4) Take a relaxing stroll and clear your head

Another effective technique is to simply go for a walk. When upset or caught in a cycle of stress, the human mind’s capacity for rational thinking becomes faulty. Studies show that, when caught up in such a cycle, a person’s blood will flow to the right side of the brain, away from the left hemisphere where rational thinking takes place.

But going for a walk is what’s known as a bilateral activity; it engages both hemispheres of the brain and can kick your rational thinking back into gear. This increases the chance that you’ll abandon the irrational doom-and-gloom thinking.

The next time you’re worried about a meeting or presentation, get yourself outside and look around. Notice the scenery, architecture and nature that surrounds you. This will reduce your anxieties and can even put you into an alpha frequency

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If you could invest into China 20 years ago, would you do it?

Sometimes, there are huge opportunities in life and you fail to take them. These opportunities may make you regret your choices for many years to come. Sometimes you miss out… and sometimes, just sometimes, you get the chance to do it all over again.

chinese africa

If you could invest into China 20 years ago, would you do it? 

Twenty years ago, China was an economic “no-fly-zone”. Almost nobody was investing there, and those who did, were thought of as crazy. Even legendary investor Warren Buffett would not touch China; the Oracle of Omaha stayed happily investing in USA stocks for 45 years and only invested in Australia for the first time back in 2000.

Fast forward to 2007 and watch what happened when the GFC hit. The Titanic US economy dropped more than 50%, Europe and the UK dropped over 50%, and China went up by 52%… 

Make a note of this — If you had invested $100k in savings or retirement funds prior to the GFC, your US investment would be less than $50k, but your Chinese stocks would be worth over $150k… quite a significant difference, don’t you think?

Three times your money back, plus a lesson for life

Yes, the so-called “emerging economies” pose some risk as well. They are not immune from corruption or scandal. But all investment carries risk, and nothing is as “safe as houses”.. The GFC proved that not even the housing market is safe from negative returns, so you could benefit from having a little diversification into areas which do not speak your language.

usa china africa

In 1999, we suggested investors consider an exit from over-priced USA and consider an investment into China and Australia. Within two years, the USA had a monumental melt-down (the “Tech Wreck”, followed by the 9/11 plane crash), and Aussie and Chinese markets climbed.

Back in 2005-2006 we recommended a final exit-call from the USA and investing into China and the BRIC economies. The following two years saw investment drops in the USA that are still being felt ten years later. Meanwhile, the “emerging economies” are ticking along nicely.

One plus One equals Five

As you can see above, the difference between one investment going south by 50% and one going north by 50%, is not just 50 + 50= 100% —  rather than a mere doubling, the 50-up, 50-down equation creates a differential of around 300%.

Many people could have made radically greater returns, if they only knew… (and took action)

If you had heeded the warnings in “Invest News” in 1999, or if you had read “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)” in 2006, your returns could have been dramatically better than the average investor.

“They did not listen, they did not know how… perhaps they’ll listen now…” 

Even if you are not convinced by the weight of our last few predictions, you may wish to hear from some other experts. (It’s interesting to note that whilst the “poor” people are watching Reality TV shows or listening to the latest terror threats or Hollywood gossip, the truly wealthy are looking at *alternate news*, including Forbes Magazine…)

OK, so you may have a dozen excuses why you cannot possibly invest into Africa:

  • I can’t speak the language / don’t understand the culture
  • I can’t trust the truth of the economic figures / the politicians are corrupt
  • what if a war breaks out / what if there is a terrorist attack
  • I don’t have enough money / my super fund won’t let me do this
  • and so on…

We do not wish to call *BS on your *BS excuses for why you cannot invest into Africa or other emerging economies. We just want to point out that these same *BS excuses for why (you say) you cannot invest into Africa are probably the very same *BS excuses you would have had for why (you would have said) you could not invest into China, five, ten, or twenty years ago.

Your *BS excuses are just your *Belief System*

escape poverty

Your *BS beliefs are not necessarily true. Unchain your mind and embrace a new possibility.

  1. Culture/language barrier: this never stopped anyone who invested into China, Brazil, Russia or other emerging economies. You don’t need to speak African or Chinese, you just need to know the three-letter ticker codes for the index.
  2. Economic disbelief: figures coming from China or Africa may seem occasionally suspect (it’s also possible that your own politicians or government lies to you about “seasonally adjusted” unemployment figures or “official” interest rates), but you cannot argue with your own returns. Chinese GDP figures of 8% YOY may be closer to 5%, but this still is 300% higher economic growth than the 1.5-2% figures from the USA, and your investment growth will be the final judge.
  3. Terrorist attacks or wars: violence or conflict can affect anyone, in any country, at anytime. They seem to be more common these days (due to media bias, the rate of information exchange, internet news sources etc), however, in reality, there is more peace in Africa now than there was 20 years ago. 
  4. Not enough money/ can’t do it/ don’t know how: This is a *BS excuse and deep down, you know it. You can invest into the stockmarket index of practically any country you choose, with as little as $500 (plus around $25 for brokerage). This can be in your own name or in the name of your kids, your partner or your superannuation /retirement fund. You do NOT need to have a Self-Managed Super Fund to invest into stocks, shares, indexes (indices?) or ishares. You can do it, even if your employer says you can’t, because: 1) they can’t stop you, and 2) if you know how to do something, it doesn’t matter about the people who say it cannot be done.

china africa usa.jpg

Just Do It 

In case you have not yet noticed, immigrants, international students and others from foreign lands tend to work hard, study hard and over-achieve. This is a cultural learning because competition is often hard where they are from.

Not every African or Asian had to walk 10 miles for water, or live through famine, poverty or civil war, but many of them did. Many third-world parents faced hardships which we could only imagine, and they instil into their children a tough ethic. To get through hard times, you have to work hard and become hard. This concept permeates the culture of life, ambition and work, whether the child stays in their home country, or whether they seek opportunity in the first world.

You may not feel like working a 10-hour day job, and driving Ubers 6-10 hours each night whilst simultaneously studying for a new degree, and that is perfectly OK. If you are lazier than the average Asian or African, that’s OK. The key is this: you do not have to work 19-hour days to become wealthy, you can merely invest into those who already have the hard work ethic.

And yes, you can do it with your super fund or with $500 in spare cash. China was an amazing investment opportunity which most people missed. Africa could be the next wave, which, if you are quick, you can catch and surf all the way home.

china vs usa  chinese africa

The ishare code for investing into the Chinese index — from America is FXI, from the UK is FXC and from Australia the Chinese index trades on the Aussie stock exchange as IZZ.

For Brazil, BRIC, China, Hong Kong, Peru, Africa and other codes, plus a list of their performance, google “ishares” or contact us at

ETF database
**All investing carries risk, even investing into cash in the bank can be risky. No investment is guaranteed and past performance is not an indicator of future gains. We provide economic education and not investment advice. All care and no responsibility. If you disagree with this, then perhaps you should not put your money into anything other than your own back pocket.



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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business Success 

In ancient times and in the modern era, the Jewish people have always been famous. One event that we may know well from school history is because of the Holocaust in World War Two. Another well-known or well-reported ‘fact’ is the great myth that Jews are usually very rich and great in business. Is this myth true?

It may well be true that the Jewish people are often financially more savvy and more business educated than many other people. What do they know that others do not? But first, look at the overall representation of this small group.

  • The Jewish population only accounts for 0.2% of the world population.

  • However, more than 10% the richest people in the world are Jewish, according to FORBES 400.

  • more than 10% of CEO’s of the 500 biggest companies are Jewish, according to FORTUNE,

  • almost 30% of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. 

What do Jewish parents teach their children, that other people do not? 

The source book for this article is  Jewish Wisdom for Business Success. It is written by Rabi Levi Brackman and Sam Jaffe. This is a summary based on the book.

Move Forward, Conquer Your Fear

You have to conquer your fear. Competition is not your true enemy. Your true enemy is your own fear. Playing safe will not always be a suitable option for you. Taking risks are also important in life. You always have to reflect upon your own personality. Are you driven by fears or by facts? Be careful. Do not be directed by your fears. Fear can also make you want to fight. You may want to fight because you are brave, but also because you are fearful of the facts which you are facing in life. Concentrate on moving forward. If you spend your energy on fighting, then you will not move forward and you waste your own valuable time. Fighting is a backward step. Do not blame other people. Do not blame other circumstances. You are the controller of your own life and your own business. At the time you blame others, then you lose control. God will not help you if you do not help yourself. Waive your fear and use risk management tools so that you can measure the risk. Step forward. You will be surprised that when you are taking the steps forward, your fear does not look fearful any longer.

Nobody Can Hinder Your Intention

Motivation is not an asset for success, but it a prerequisite. There is an inner will and outer will. Outer will is required so that you can achieve your inner will. The inner will is your true calling in life. The outer will is the required actions that you have to take in order to achieve your inner will. The outer will must  be in line with your inner will. However, in most cases, our outer will does not in conform to our inner will. Do not count on luck to get success. Find your own inner will, then plan long term, work hard and prepare to sacrifice. You will achieve your goals in the end. Reflect every day whether or not your life is already in line with your inner will. If you are in line with your inner will, then you will perform well in your outer will area. Follow your heart! It is a true recipe for lasting happiness. To find your true calling, you may take notes on the things that make you passionate. Take notes on the things that make you forget the time. If you can find your inner will, then your path to success will be clearer and shorter.

Humility Path

Do not be arrogant. Remember that when you achieve success, many people have helped you. Arrogance can destroy you overnight. Remember that God/Universe/Others gives you success for a purpose. Therefore, you must always remember to focus on the greater purpose in relation to your position or success, not just your own private interest. Open your mind to various ideas and suggestions by other people. Make a decision yourself after you filter all the ideas and suggestions of others. This may not mean that you are controlled by others. The decision is your own personal action. However, do not rely on your own thoughts; this can be disastrous. More brains and many advisers are better than none.

Patriarch Business Model

Marketing is very important in business, as well as credibility, honesty and your belief in the end product. However, there are also other factors that are required for long term success. Do what is right, not only for the popularity or money. Remember always to be a trustworthy person. As an employer and entrepreneur, you must always take care of your employees. You have to maintain their loyalty to you. It is very important. Let other people assist you while you expand your business. You cannot do everything by yourself. However, do not immediately let go of your business to other people. You must oversee your business and take care to look into its details. After you are married, you have to maintain your relationship with your husband or wife. You cannot just let your husband or wife work on the marriage. To have a wonderful and strong marriage, you have to maintain the relationship between the couple. It is also the same in the business. You have to maintain your business as well as maintain the relationship with your employees. Work hard and work smart.  Hard work alone is not enough. Have a system to protect yourself and your business from bad people who wants to manipulate you, sue you or take from you. Adapt your business to current circumstances. Change nowadays is very fast, so it is wise to also move your business fast. If your business does not change by following the current circumstances, then your business will be in trouble. Manage your business from top to bottom. You may surely delegate but you must always oversee the delegation implementation.

Making Sales

Note that you always negotiate with other people. Negotiation skills are very important for every business. If you improve your negotiation skills, then your business will also be improved. Always have a big picture first in your mind. Then, you can manage to change the small things. Most of the time, by changing the small things, you can change the big things that you want. Set your goal beforehand and be flexible to achieve it. You can find many creative ways to get a win/win solution by having your goal and also by giving the best to your counterpart. Trust is very important. It takes time to build trust. Be patient and always try to build trust, appreciation and friendship with the people in your life. Check and recheck all the time. Get the facts and check, and recheck it. Accordingly, you will have a big picture of the intention and goals of your counter party. Do not assume. Just get the facts before you.

Manage Failure

Admit your failure. Do not be ashamed or fearful because you have failed. The longer you disguise your failure, the worse it will make your business. Failure is normal thing in a business. If you do not fail, then you will not be improved. Do not blame other people when you fail. Blame yourself. However, do not get drowned in failure. Get up and learn from it. You have to regularly check your financial condition of your business. Check whether there is a leakage in your business. You must know it immediately, fix it, and learn from it so that it will not happen again in the future. Throw away the word “failure” from your dictionary. Every difficulty in business must be seen as an opening key to greater success.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Focus on your main role, to make and earn money. Remember to give tithing, 10% of your income to make the world a better place and become more spiritual. This approach is very good because it will attract more energy from the universe to bring more success as its payment. Try to build your credibility. This involves prayer/meditation/reflection, giving and helping other people. The more credible you are, the more the energy will be attracted to you and the greater will be your success. By giving donation to people, you will continuously repay to the community. This action will bring peace inside you. In everything you do, there is always an opportunity to give and to receive. Whenever you receive, you have to give also.

Positive Thinking

Thinking positive is the identity of a successful person. By being a positive person, you will attract positive situation into your life. Positive words and positive thinking will attract positive things into your life. However, be aware that positive thinking and positive words are not enough. You also have to act positively. Remember that working hard and working smart are the prerequisite for success. Use the power of intention to visualise the project or new business that you are planning and attracting towards you. At the same time, make sure you speak positively to attract and to get the things that you desire. Remember to be always careful of your spoken words. Positive wordings will attract positive situations to you and vice versa. Be grateful. Be always thankful to God/Universe/Spirit, be thankful to your employees, your family and your business partners. Do not be doubtful. If you are in doubt, you will hinder the positive power and situation into your life. Recognise your negative thought and feelings and then throw them away.

Way of the Wise

Be rational. Use your head. Do not use your emotional feeling too much. You must balance your rationale and your feeling. When you use your feeling too much, it may result in a difficult situation. Analyse everything based on facts, not emotion. However, you cannot also use your rationale only and disregard emotion. Everything in life also involves an emotional relationship. Accordingly, what important is to balance between reason and emotion. If you can balance both reason and emotion, you will be successful.

Famous Jewish people who have used their cultural teachings in business and life:

  • Sergey Brin, Founder of Google (co-Founder Larry Page has a Jewish grandmother)
  • Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve
  • Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • David Axelrod, Senior White House Adviser
  • Elena Kagan, US Supreme Court 
  • Ehud Barak, Defense Minister
  • Irwin Cotler, Canadian MP
  • Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg media, Mayor of New York
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder (co-founder Dustin Moskovitz is also Jewish)
  • Esthee Lauder, founder of Estée Lauder brand of companies
  • Larry Ellison, Oracle founder (reportedly 6th richest man in the world)
  • Steven Spielberg, multi-award-winning Filmmaker
  • Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal
  • Joseph Lieberman, US Senator
  • Shari Arison, owner of Bank of Hapoalim (reported as richest woman in the Middle East)
  • Gill Marcus, Bank Governor, South Africa (first female bank governor)
  • Bob Dylan, Musician
  • Albert Einstein, Scientist
  • Roman Abramovitch, owner of Chelsea Football Club
  • Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedian, creator of “Borat” & “Bruno”
  • Lucian Freud, Artist (grandson of Sigmund Freud, first living artist to sell painting for over $35 M)
  • In Hollywood: Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Ben Stiller, Harrison Ford, Adam Sandler, William Shatner, Natalie Portman, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Scarlett Johansson, Goldie Hawn, Dustin Hoffman, Mila Kunis, Paula Abdul, Adrien Brody, Pink (P!nk), Sarah Jessca Parker, Shia Lebeouf, Seth Green, Sarah Michelle Geller, Amanda Bynes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lisa Kudrow, Seth Rogen, Winona Ryder, Matthew Broderick, Jeff Goldblum, David Schwimmer, Howard Stern, Daniel Radcliffe, Ashley Tisdale, Adam Levine, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many many more… 

You don’t have to be Jewish to learn lessons in business and in life, just as you don’t need to be a Middle-Eastern merchant to learn from “The Richest man in Babylon”.

What could you possibly learn, if you ignored the source and simply embraced the wisdom?

Source: Jewish Wisdom for Business Success – Eddy Leks
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Forget dumbbells and work on your SOH: funny guys get more girls

The best predictor of whether you will get sex, is more likely to be your ability to turn a phrase into a joke, than your ability to curl a dumbbell into a bicep.

Jeremy: "Would you like to come meditate at my house?"  Don: "Nah-mah-stay right here..."

Jeremy: “Would you like to come meditate at my house?”
Don: “Nah-mah-stay right here…”

Jeremy: “Would you like to come meditate at my house?”
Don: “Nah-mah-stay right here…”

Image: Jeremy Britton & Don Tolman, photo by Harri K Connex

A good sense of humour is sexually attractive, perhaps because it reveals intelligence, creativity, and other ‘good genes’ or ‘good parent’ traits.

If so, intelligence should predict humour production ability, which in turn should predict mating success.

In this study, 400 university students (200 men and 200 women) completed measures of abstract reasoning (Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices), verbal intelligence (the vocabulary subtest of the Multidimensional Aptitude Battery), humour production ability (rated funniness of captions written for three cartoons), and mating success (from the Sexual Behaviors and Beliefs Questionnaire).

Structural equation models showed that general and verbal intelligence both predict humour production ability, which in turn predicts mating success, such as lifetime number of sexual partners. Also, males showed higher average humour production ability. These results suggest that the human sense of humour evolved at least partly through sexual selection as an intelligence-indicator.

Research highlights

► Test if a humour is an intelligence indicator that translates into mating success.

► On average, males were funnier than women.

► Humour mediates the effect of intelligence on mating success for both sexes.

Source: “Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males” from Intelligence

#peoplebesayin' "Make yourself at home", but then totally lose their shit when I sit on the couch naked and eat all their donuts... #butyousaid

#peoplebesayin’ “Make yourself at home”, but then totally lose their shit when I sit on the couch naked and eat all their donuts… #butyousaid

#peoplebesayin’ “Make yourself at home”, but then totally lose their shit when I sit on the couch naked and eat all their donuts… #butyousaid

Takeaway Lesson #1 — don’t watch porn or workout videos to try to get more sex. Watch some comedy, have a laugh, and if you if you want to lay down with that special someone, first work on your private “standup” routine.

Image: Jeremy Britton, photo from

NB: Americans spell “humour” as “humor” and “behaviour” as “behavior”, hence the titular differences above. The traditional English spelling of humour, behaviour, colour and flavour is preferred, as there is no such language as “US-English” and the movie “Idiocracy” should be a warning, not a prophecy. 

Source: Can you predict how many women a man has slept with by how funny he is? – Barking Up The Wrong Tree
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