Links to our other projects and research Coaching to assist you to be the best that you can be, with “wealth in ALL areas”: finances, physical fitness, health, happiness & relationships.

Twitter: occasional updates on mindset, strategy, wealth creation, mindfulness, meditation, happiness, spirituality and other sexy or scientific topics

Facebook: daily updates on mindset, strategy, wealth creation, mindfulness, meditation, happiness, spirituality and other amazing or amusing topics PLUS photos of the beach at sunrise! 

Inspiring live radio in New York & TV show in Australia: the Wealth Boomerang Show has interviews with guests focussing on “wealth in *all* areas” ~ finances, relationships, health, happiness, spirituality and more! Listen live Monday night NYC time or get the interviews free on YouTube

Buy our products: they are all awesome and all come with a money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t change your life, we will buy it back from you. Books, DVD’s, meditation MP3’s and more.

Help us to change the world! We give *education* to our clients, to enable you to have a better life. When you deal with us, you also give the gift of education & empowerment to others, through B1G1 sustainable projects. Check here to see how you have helped us to educate and help others (over 200 000 giving impacts to date).

Invest into properties, stocks and #cryptocurrency — learn all you can about this new investment class for free at — free videos, education, you can even receive free crypto to try it out.

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