How to make money flow towards you (for real!)

Make money flow to you: it’s easy!


There are many new-age ultra-spiritual gurus around who will give you advice on how to make money flow to you, for example: burn sage, pray, tithe to your church, dance naked under the full moon, sacrifice virgin black goats to the pagan money gods… (you can burn pictures of goats if you’re vegan or squeamish).

Unfortunately none of these methods have any basis in science or economics, and they only seem to make the gurus richer, not you.

So here’s *really* how to do it, scientifically proven, from someone who knows…

  1. Use a Mantra

One money mantra of mine is I do NOT do free advertising for multi-billion-dollar companies“. 
Search my entire wardrobe and you will not find a single shirt, hat, belt or any other kind of outfit which is emblazoned with a brand name on it.
Ralph Lauren doesn’t need his ad for free on your chest, neither does Nike or Adidas need their name on your pants. Unless you have a sporting or sponsorship deal where they pay you to market their brand, purchase a *good quality* unbranded outfit and save the difference into an investment account.
If all of your friends are wearing Gucci, Tommy, Kloe etc, then feel free to invest into those trending companies by buying stock in the company (you can use a discount broker such as RobinHood to buy as little as $50 worth of stock). Own the companies. Get paid by the companies for investing into their stock. Do not work for them for free.
In the award-winning best-seller “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)“, there are over 1000 examples of different brands and how to profit from them; by buying their stock, not by running free ads for them.
You are not sacrificing quality, status or anything else by refusing to wear branded goods; you are reclaiming your sovereign nature, and realising that your body is worth more than being a free billboard for some faceless mega-corporation.
Take notice of what billionaire Steve Jobs wore, or what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett or Richard Branson wears. These billionaires value their bodies and do not do free ads. Buy good quality so it lasts a long time, and only wear brands if they pay you to do so, otherwise, make them pay you by owning stock in their company.

2. Use another Mantra

Another mantra I have used for many years is, “If I didn’t own it, would I buy it now?” 

This mantra arose after I had been successfully investing into the stock market, and had made gains of 450% up to 800% *but I did not sell* and the market crashed. Ouch! Nothing sobers you up faster than when your ten-cent stock rises to $2 (I’m a genius!) and then crashes to five cents the following year (oh crap!).
This mantra was a reminder that the stock which was “a bargain” to me at $10 was no longer a bargain to others when it reached $100. If I wasn’t willing to buy it at that price, others may also refuse to buy it, and the value could soon plummet.
“If I didn’t own it, would I buy it now?” became a mantra I printed out and stuck up above my PC so I would see it every day. It reminded me to sell when a stock or property or any other asset looked overpriced.
Over time, I came to apply this mantra to many other things, such as objects around my house.
My barbeque, for example, was only used once a year on my birthday, and otherwise just sat there taking up room and looking untidy. Using the mantra, I thought, “No, I would not buy it if I didn’t own it”, so I sold it. I decided to rent a BBQ once a year, and put the capital money into investments. I later did the same with old clothes and other unwanted items (sell them or donate them to charity).
It is a spiritual law that Money likes *FLOW* and the faster you are rid of clutter (old investments or unused belongings), the faster the new money can flow to you.

3. Use another Money Mantra

Another favourite mantra of mine is “Invest where you spend” and it can be used for many companies, not just clothing labels, banks or takeout. You can purchase stock in your daily utility companies, such as power, phone service provider etc.
Wherever you spend money on a weekly or monthly basis, may be a great investment for the longer term. Remember to DYOR (Do Your Own Research), apply the second mantra to check for value, and remember to sell your stock if your own or your friends’ interest wanes. Some companies may trend like a fad and then pass, so #staywoke and watch where the flow is going now.
You can use the book “Who’s Taking Your Money?” to discover many of the corporations behind thousands of brands, or do your own research on Google.
Even the company who has your mortgage, car insurance or where you buy fuel: invest a little bit of your money into ownership of  whoever takes a piece of your paycheck, and you too, can get some of your money back. 

About 24hourwealthcoach

Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or
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