Beating the billionaires (run before the gun)

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Back in 2005, I asked the question: “Who’s Taking Your Money?” (and then promised to show you how to get some of it back!).

If you didn’t buy the book, the answer was “big corporations are taking your money: banks, insurance companies, elecricity companies, governments, telcos, grocery chains and so on…” and then we showed you how to “flip the script” and get some of the money back.

People who followed the advice reclaimed their power, got smarter and often became millionaires in the process.

And now it’s time to do it all over again. In a new market. This time you can get there before the big corporations take over.

Bitcoin and crypto came out of the shadows and into the limelight last year

  • Stellar was up 14,441%
  • Dash soared 9,265%
  • Ripple climbed 36,018%.

2017 was an amazing year for crypto investors.

But if we switch to 2018, the difference is stark.

On 8 January 2018, the entire crypto network was valued at almost a Trillion dollars (US$830 billion)

By 6 February, only four weeks later, the market had more than halved in value. Bang! All the way down to just $281 billion.

That was a 66% drop in a single month.

Bitcoin dived 69%, Ethereum shed 59% and Litecoin dropped 70%.

Although we’ve recently seen the market recover and most cryptos bounce back, heaps of financial analysts have declared the recent correction as “the end of cryptocurrency”

Yeah, well… what do they know?

Number one: this is a new asset class, and historical rules cannot be used for disruptive technology (who knew 20 years ago that we’d be sharing cars with strangers, staying in stranger’s homes, or spending hours a day on social media?)

Number two: although the history of crypto is only a decade, there’s a pattern:
**Every time cryptos have fallen they’ve come back stronger than ever.**

23 January 2014: JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon called bitcoin ‘a terrible store of value’. Yes, at the time, bitcoin had halved (as it does most Januarys).

By March 2017, bitcoin had recovered all of its gains, and then some.

September 2017, Jamie Dimon called bitcoin ‘a fraud’. Bitcoin prices fell from around $5,000 to less than $3,000.

In the months that followed, bitcoin raced to $20,000

Obviously, the “expert” didn’t know jack…

Yes, bitcoin tanked again after its peak. But the show is not over yet. In fact, it’s just beginning.

A few years ago, bitcoin and crypto was used almost exclusively by “geeks, nerds and weirdos” (they said the same thing about the internet in 1995).

Then things started to become more mainstream, and millions of “mum and dad” investors from all over the world piled into crypto.

Watch what happens now, as hundreds of millions of people have all seen the power and utility of the underlying blockchain. It’s not just making money out of a crypto currency climb; blockchain shows us that we can do bank settlements and payments *instantly* without waiting three days for a bank transfer.

Very few people mail a stamped letter to a friend now, once they have used email or instant messaging. In the very near future, people will walk away from traditional banks and stock exchanges… unless they offer instant settlement, anonymity and utmost security (like blockchain does).

Some of the major players in banking and finance are adopting blockchain, as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) comes into play. It’s almost a historical replay of when businesses realised they could market their ads on the internet, and newspaper ads and Yellow Pages started to die…

The “mum and dad” investors have paved the way for big business. They have seen what blockchain can do, and now they want things, and they want things *now* (not in three days).

Big business will have to evolve or die out. We have seen a few banks trial blockchain for cash settlements. Now Wall Street, stockbrokers and billionaires such as George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are planning to invest in the crypto market starting this year.

You have only seen the start of the revolution.

Many people say “I wish I had invested into Microsoft/Apple/Google/Amazon/Facebook etc. back in the early days…”

If you are in the crypto market already, or if you are about to get in, these *are* the early days.

It’s interesting to see that the “big money” is following the general public, rather than leading it. There are probably Wall Street icons and billionaires out there who know even less about crypto than what you do… But they will learn fast.

George Soros made a billion dollars in one currency trade, in one day. He’s not foolish. Rockefeller and Rothschild made billions by getting into emerging industries before they became massive or mainstream. They are not silly.

The bigger institutions will not quibble over a few cents in stock price (or even a few million dollars). When they take a long-term view, they will likely pay any amount to take a position.

Perhaps you missed out on investing into Microsoft, Apple or Facebook. Maybe you didn’t get onto the internet until after all of your friends did. But this time, you can get into crypto before the corporations and institutions buy in. Your time is now.

It’s time. Get involved. Get educated. Get active. Invest like your life depends on it. Don’t be sitting there in 20 years saying “I wish I had invested into crypto back in the day…” Because today is that day.

Join a crypto group on Facebook. Watch a few Youtube clips. Start to understand the crypto jargon (it’s much more simple than you may think).

At one stage, we all had to have a friend explain to us what the typed abbreviation “LOL” actually meant; now some people use it in spoken conversation. The crypto-jargon is just abbreviation, and you’ll master it quickly.

Don’t miss the boat because you don’t understand the language. Find out. Learn something. Ask a friend. Join a group. Watch some videos (twice if necessary). Educate yourself and enrich yourself.

This is your chance to be better at something than the old-money billionaires. But only if you start learning now. Get googling 🙂

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Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or
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