Do you want to be rich, or happy?

Would you like to be rich or would you like to be happy?

What does being rich give you… really?

Does being rich mean you will have a bigger house, a better car, more in the bank account, or better meals? If so, what do those things give you?

You, like many others, may want MORE, BIGGER, BETTER, and you work hard to get those things… and, truth be told, haven’t you had them in the past? Is your life right now (the life with which you find yourself currently dissatisfied)  somehow “bigger, better or more” than the life you used to have a few years ago?

Where you are now, is probably a result of you wanting something different in the past. Now you have what you once wanted, are you feeling good? Or do you still want more?

Do you want “bigger, better and more”? Really? Why?

Most people, if asked a few questions about exactly WHY they want a bigger house, better car, nicer partner or more money, will end up responding with “because it will make me happy”

Understand that around 60% of the world’s population live on $1 a day. For them, having $5 in the bank would make them very happy. If you lived in a mud hut in Africa or under a single sheet of tin in India, a single room with clean running water may make you deliriously happy… well, at least, up to a point.

There comes a point where $5 is not enough, and often, even those with millions of dollars are still seeking “bigger, better, more”. Why is this?

The set-point of happiness is where you place it; and it moves as you do. 

Most of us place the happiness set-point just outside of our reach. Those with $1 want $5, those with $10 000 want $20 000, those with a 4-bedroom house want a 7-bedroom house and the bloke with a BMW wants a Ferrari.

Understand that the happiness point is where YOU place it. 

The happiness set-point was created by YOU. When you get this, when you *really* get this, you can finally take control over your life, control your destiny and stop being lead around by TV, radio, media, flashy ads or signs. You can break the grip of marketing, salespeople, consumerism, bosses or other people who are telling you what you need to do to finally “get happy” and get to the next step.

(There was a time when you thought the iPhone 3 would make you happy, right? And where is it now?)

Your happiness set-point is where you set it. 

What would happen if you could make your happiness set point 10% less?

Could you really be happy with less money? Billions are happy with $1/day. Could you be happy with a smaller house? Millions are happy living in far less than what you enjoy. Could you be happy with a partner, car or computer that was not the latest and greatest, but still performed reasonably well?

At this point, you may be saying, “Well, yeah, I *could* be happy with less, but would I be *really* happy?”

The answer is: YES. Yes, you can be really happy. You can if you think you can.

Yes, you can be happy with anything. All you have to do is to move your set-point.

JB and Buddha on the beach

At this point you may be wondering “Is it worth it?” or “How do I move my set-point?”

The answer to those questions are “yes” and “practice”.

The reason why “money can’t buy you happiness” is such a cliche is because it has been found to be true by millions of people over thousands of years. It is true that money does not bring happiness, however, the flipside may be true:

Happiness can bring you money.

Consider the number of times you have walked into a store, restaurant or cafe and the person serving you is lazy, rude, or merely disinterested in helping you. People who have no love for their work generally rise to the level of their mediocrity and stay there, earning “just enough” and reaping very little financial rewards.

The other side of the coin is those rare moments where you receive outstanding service from someone who is happy, helpful and loves to serve. I have received amazing service from people in retail, hospitality and other areas, and when these people truly amaze me with their service, I will often send a Thank You letter or email to their boss.

On more than one occasion, I have returned later to the same business and asked the whereabouts of the person who inspired my letter, and been told, “Oh, s/he got a promotion and moved to XYZ”

If you are outstanding, you are going to Stand Out

When you love what you do, or where you are, or who you are with; when you are happy already, more opportunities will flow to you. This can result in more friends, connections, and yes, even more money. Money may not buy you happiness, but happiness can bring many rewards, and yes, happiness can bring you money as well.

You are in control of your happiness. It is an inside job. You can control your life.

All you may need is a little SHIFT.

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