An “Uber” for your taxes?

An “Uber” for your taxes?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cheaper alternative to paying your taxes to the ATO, the IRS or your local tax office?

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What else can the 21st century “Sharing Economy” do for you? 

New millennium company “Uber” turned the century-old transport industry on its head, by providing “peer to peer” (P2P) service, matching customers with service providers and cutting out the middle man. Prices on Uber are cheaper than a standard taxi cab, and drivers can be paid more. It’s a win for everyone (except for traditional taxi companies, and let’s face it: they’ve held a monopoly for far too long).

“AirBNB” disrupted the accommodation industry, by providing a P2P service and a viable alternative to the more expensive hotels and motels. It gives customers a cheaper alternative, off the well-worn tourist path, and also provided normal people with the ability to make a few dollars from their spare room. Again; win:win for everyone (except the traditional monopolies).

There are now hundreds of other examples of P2P companies providing services direct to the end-user, cutting out many layers of management and cutting costs at the same time. These include AliBaba providing direct access to Chinese manufacturers, many sites that allow sharing of clothes, accommodation, and even alternatives to banks, where people can invest their savings or borrow money for a house or car.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a cheaper alternative to paying your taxes to the ATO, the IRS or your local tax office?

Some of the tasks that your tax dollars are claimed to be paying for:

  • Social Services: supporting the poor and underprivileged through welfare payments, government housing and other initiatives,
  • Infrastructure: the building and upkeep of roads, schools, hospitals and so on,
  • Defence: protecting your nation against terrorists, illegal immigrants and others who are seen as “undesirables”

What is the government NOT telling you about your tax dollars? 

  • The lion’s share of your tax dollars go to paying the politicians for their wages, benefits, kickbacks, expenses and pensions.
  • If you pay 30% tax, less than 10% goes to social welfare
  • Infrastructure is mostly paid from land taxes (council rates, other land taxes, stamp duty etc) and NOT from income taxes. Prior to the creation of income tax in 1915, we still had libraries, schools, hospitals, roads and so on… these were NOT dependent upon income taxes being paid, and are not now
  • Defence spending is arguably ridiculous and out of control.
    • Every single piece of technology used by the defence forces is designed with one specific purpose in mind: to kill people. Considering that your money is being taken by the tax office and given to defence, you would have to admit that you are paying for licensed “hitmen”. If you are morally OK with paying money to people to kill other people, you could just as easily join the Mafia… If you are not morally OK with killing people by proxy, then please reconsider where you send your money.
    • It’s also possible that the policy of bombing the $#!* out of the Middle East for the last few decades has forced the Middle East nations into the position of terrorism and retaliation against *us* as the invaders or aggressors. It’s possible to “Give Peace A Chance” like Switzerland has done, and we may find that terrorist “revenge” attacks on our own soil will decrease. Staying out of all wars for the last century or so has not harmed the Swiss economy, nor are Swiss borders overrun with terrorists or invaders.
    • Even if you support blowing up other countries and killing other people, by all accounts, defence spending is out of control. See how the US Defence Department wasted $8.5 Trillion (with a T), and cannot account for where it was spent.   No audits have been undertaken, and no reports have been filed with the government.

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What if you could decide where the money goes? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could decide where your tax dollars were going?

You may choose to spend less on politicians extraordinary wages and benefits, you may choose to spend a little less on defence (or at least pay for auditors to investigate their spending). You may choose to give more than 10% to social welfare in your own country, or you may choose  to send money to the poor and underprivileged in other nations. or you may choose to spend it on education, entertainment, investment or other areas.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice where your money goes?

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There are billions of people living on less than $2 a day, without running water, without electricity and without access to education; do you really want to send more money to fat politicians for their First Class travel?

The current tax system is unfair, illegitimate and illegal

This may come as a shock to some, and no real surprise to others. The facts are the facts, whether you know them or not. If you didn’t know, Google it and find out. If you did know, and you haven’t yet taken action, make a commitment to *take action today* and do something about it.

Australia vs the USA 

The Australian government has departments, eg. the social security department, the defence department, the department of immigration, the department of aboriginal affairs, etc… But there is no such thing as the “tax department”. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Australian Tax Office (ATO), like the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), are NOT government departments. They are privately owned corporations, and do not have any legal authority over you… unless you sign a contract with them…

If you sign up with the AEC to vote, and you fail to vote, you have officially have breached contract and they will fine you. However, if you’ve been living as an Australian citizen for five years or fifty years and you never enrolled to vote, then you don’t have to vote and there’s no fine. No government officials or departments can make you enrol to vote, nor can they make you pay the fine.

There are many thousands of people who don’t vote or don’t pay 30% tax to the (illegal entity called the) ATO or the IRS and the government cannot touch them. Examples include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses; over 6000 in Australia and over 490 000 in the USA.

Aussies: google “Moliker vs Chapman” and be ready to ask lots of questions.

USA vs Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, India and more

The US Federal Reserve Bank (“the Fed”) is NOT government owned nor government controlled. It is an independent, privately-owned and foreign-controlled entity that does not answer to the US government.

Feel free to go to the US Government website, where you can do a search for all of the government departments. You can search for the Federal Reserve or the IRS and you will not find either one. 

Many other websites, whistle-blowers and other authorities will verify that the US Fed and the IRS are not government departments and have no authority over you… unless you sign a contract with them. (Refer to information on the AEC in above paragraph).

This also applies to any other country with a basis in British Law (old or ex-British colonies such as Australia, USA, India, New Zealand etc). No signed contract means no authority. What would happen if you did not have a Tax File Number (TFN) or Social Security Number (SSN)?

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Misleading advertising & believable BS propaganda 

The Central Bank in your country, and the tax office in your country, likely has no more authority over you than any other private organisation. The McDonalds has no power over you unless you believe their (BS) commercials or unless you walk into their restaurant. You do not have to buy their food: you have a choice to go healthy or go home. You have a choice to use Uber or a taxi, to use AirBnB or use a motel, you have a choice whether to use Zopa or to go to a standard bank.

The central bank and your local tax office would like you to believe that you have no choice. This deliberate MISinformation is how they keep control. You’ve probably heard stories that an Uber driver sexually assaulted a woman somewhere, or that a sex-predator or a mass-murderer was luring victims using AirBnB.  These stories get shared on social media but if you google them to find a source, there is no coverage in the legitimate press, as these things ultimately *never happened*. Social sharing sites are mediated, moderated, and background checks are easy for any normal person to do. Rumours about bad occurrences are circulated by those who feel under attack from crowd-sharing organisations. Likely the stories are started by motels, taxi companies or similar, as they cannot compete so they try to spread lies and discredit the competition.

Using links here, here, here, here and here, you can easily establish the TRUTH, and the secret they do not wish you to know:

You are under no more obligation to pay taxes to the IRS, the ATO, your local tax office, or give them to the organisation which I just made up yesterday. 

I just made up this organisation, which is 100% every bit as legitimate as the ATO, the IRS and your local tax office. Instead of asking for 30%, 45% or 48% of your money, all I am going to ask for is 9%. After deducting expenses, I will use the rest to fund education and sustainable social good in emerging regions of Africa and Asia. Not just a bold promise: over the last few years, my partner and I have already sponsored over 180 000 children just on our own.  You can help us if you wish, whilst saving on your tax, or you can choose your own causes where to contribute your money. It’s up to you; just as it was prior to the introduction of income tax in 1915, and just as it always should be.

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If you would like to, you can continue to pay tax money to the IRS, the ATO or your local tax office, without question or complaint. Before you decide, simply write down on a piece of paper how much you pay in taxes each year, and then multiply that by the number of years you have until retirement. The final figure will tell you how much your unquestioning inaction is going to cost you.

If, however, you would prefer to pay money to the organisation which I just made up, (or to your own chosen organisation, or to no organisation at all), then all you have to do is click here to find out more.


Didn’t read it all, didn’t look at the links, or didn’t read closely enough? That inefficiency could have cost you tens of thousands of dollars,  if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hmmmm. The difference between the rich (who get richer) and the poor (who get poorer) is not their level of cash, but their level of knowledge. A rich person who goes bankrupt or broke will often bounce back very quickly, whereas a poor person who wins the lottery will often be poor again a few years later. Increase your knowledge and your cash will increase: guaranteed. 

Do your own thing, legally, morally, ethically and with knowledge.

First you change your mindset about what’s possible, then you change your possibilities into habits, then you change your possibilities for your life.

Flick Your Rich Switch & Transform.

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Sources, resources, references etc. are in the links. 



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