You’re now in a cult: here’s how to bust out

It sounds like a stupid question: “Are you in a cult?” Of course you’re not… You’d know if you were in a cult… wouldn’t you?


Many people would claim that particular religions are cults (or cultish/cult-like), and some would happily point to Scientology, certain branches of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, subsets of Christianity and other “obvious” religious sects. Answers like this would have most reasonable people nodding their heads in agreement. Other non-religious groups may be seen as cults, for example, leadership cults such as witnessed in North Korea or Nazi Germany.

nazi hawaii Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-2007-0329-501,_Reichsgründungsfeier,_Schulklasse.jpg

It seems easy enough for those on the outside to spot a cult, see the cult members and recognise them. But what if you were INSIDE that cult? How would you know you were in a cult? How could you break out, if you didn’t even know you were inside?

Expand your mind: even if it hurts

Try on the jacket, even if you think it won’t fit 

Think you’re NOT in a cult? Try this on for size, and see for yourself. According to psychologists and researchers, all cults share similar traits, and common to all is that you cannot question the cult nor the cult leader, without facing serious repercussions. These punishments may range from mild (being removed or banned from the cult), to moderate (forcible separation from friends or family members), to downright severe (physical pain, beatings, imprisonment, torture or death).

Right now you’re probably nodding sagely to yourself, and saying internally, “Yes, cults can be terrible. I’m glad I’m not in one.” And you’d probably be wrong. And you probably thought that the picture of the people giving the famous “Nazi salute” was taken in Germany, but nope, it was taken in the USA. And if you look for images of “Nazi salute” on the web, it won’t be long before you come across hundreds of images taken in the USA.

nazi bellamy-salute-morgan-hill-california1930s.jpg

The US “Nazi salute” was a symbol of patriotism

The US salute was seen as a symbol of patriotism, and those who did not comply were sometimes forced to perform the maneuver. Why would hundreds of thousands of US citizens participate in “Nazi salutes”? Could it be just as simple to answer that a) “Because they were told to”. and b) :They were just following orders”? Where have you heard that defence before?

The Nuremburg Trials were organised by western allies after WW2, in order to further punish those whom they saw as criminals during the war. It raises an interesting question about what is legal during war, and why it is seen as legal. It could be argued that US forces were the aggressors in Vietnam, as well as more recent invasions into the Middle East. US forces have killed innumerable women, children and civilian targets in “the war on terror”, and few if any have stood trial.

We have been taught to respect those who follow orders, eg. our military “heroes”, and to sneer at those who do not comply. Blind followers of the ruling class are referred to as “heroes”, or “defenders of our country”, whilst those who will not die for an artificially created idea such as “democracy”, or give their lives for a man-made national border, or those who refuse to murder women and children in foreign lands, are labelled as “rebels”, “hippies”, “wimps”, “traitors” or “conscientious objectors”.

Is it time to question nationalism, patrotism and shine a light on the misplaced belief that Nazis were murderous psychopaths or blind sheep, but we are not like them?

nazi Bellamy_salute_1915.jpg

Nazis started using the infamous salute in the 1920’s, and the custom persisted until 1945. Interestingly, the US “Bellamy” salute, started in 1800’s and was still being used as recently as 1942, halfway through the war.

A salute does not make you a killer

A salute does not make you a killer, nor does it make you wrong. A salute is just a salute, right? Fairly innocuous, so why can’t we do Nazi salutes anymore? Salutes don’t kill people, but it is the blind obedience to a faulted higher authority that can make you just as bad as the person who pulled the trigger.

So, is it right for us to kill a killer? (Or is it only OK if officially sanctioned by the government, and called “capital punishment”?)

In late 1943, at the Tehran Conference, the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, proposed executing up to 100,000 German staff officers. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated that “perhaps 49,000 would do”. UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, denounced the idea of “the cold-blooded execution of soldiers who fought for their country” and said that he himself would rather be “taken out in the courtyard and shot” than partake in any such action to punish soldiers for following orders. Churchill thought for himself, and was willing to give his own life for a Nazi officer; compare that to the hundreds of others who would have willingly jumped on the bandwagon to exterminate all Nazis (and even all Germans), back in the frenzy of the dogfight caused by overt patriotism.

Punishing a killer (or a cult member) after the event may seem fair, but would it not be wiser to look more closely at the conditions which lead to the apparent crimes?

The African proverb states: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The resultant adult is not just a product of its parents, but of all of those in his or her surroundings. Fearful societies create kids (and adults) who have anxiety, stress, depression and antisocial tendencies. They seek a gun for protection, or a pill for comfort, or an enemy to blame (“it’s the immigrants/the blacks/the Jews/whitey/etc. who is keeping me down”). Loving and supportive societies create kids (and adults) who are accepting, nurturing and looking for solutions, not for blame. So, how can you spot a cult victim, and how do you realise you’re in a cult, so you can wake up, pack up and get out?


Blind faith, blind obedience

  1. Cult members are often taught that the leader (or leadership) is infallible and not to be questioned. Consider if this is true of your government, and ask if there may have been any acts of impropriety, or possible cover-ups of mistakes, crimes or “errors in judgement”. (Start with known “conspiracy theories”: like religion or mythology, many of them have at least a partial basis in facts, and many of them raise some excellent questions. Move onto government corruption, non-government agencies, “black-ops”, “WMD’s”, the IRS, the US Fed, the Australian Reserve Bank and the ATO at your leisure.
  2. Cult members are often indoctrinated into an “Us versus Them” mentality, with “us” being seen as the only right ones. Religious group members will be told that theirs is the only valid religion, and that the religion of others is “wrong” or “evil”. Consider if your government tells you that you live in the greatest country in the world, or if they ascribe the face of evil to another race, religion or nationality. Indoctrination starts early, as it did in Nazi Germany with the Hitler Youth. These boys and girls were once thought of as “boy scouts” who learned valuable skills, and their rallies were always friendly and beautiful (at least from the outside). Future generations may look upon rallies such as “Fourth of July”, “Australia Day”, “Cinco de Mayo” and other national celebrations as jingoistic nonsense. Why must someone teach you to celebrate sameness and hate another, if not for their own profiteering, warmongering agenda and for control of your mind?
  3. Requests are made to cult members for unpaid work, volunteer work, or voluntary donations, and if you do not give up your time or your money, you may be made to feel guilty, ashamed, disloyal or other negative emotions. At the other end of the scale are more severe threats or punishments for not participating in something which was stated to be voluntary. Consider if your government  asks you to do its agenda for little or no return, or if it tries to make you feel that voting and taxation are compulsory (whilst denying ready availability to documents detailing exactly where these are written in its own laws to be voluntary).
  4. Double standards: Religions are replete with double standards, such as the Catholics spruiking the virtue of poverty whilst holding extravagant wealth, Christian evangelists preaching on morality whilst having affairs, using drugs or prostitutes, and some cult leaders living lazily in luxury whilst cult members labour on farms. Politics also enjoys the same double standards, from Nixon saying “it’s not illegal if the President does it”, Ronald Reagan selling weapons to the enemy in the Iran-Contra scandal, Bill Clinton lying under oath in court, George Bush & the 9/11 fiasco, plus the infamous WMD’s: several world leaders justifying an Iraq invasion from USA, Canada, UK & Australia on evidence more flimsy than the existence of unicorns. Cults like to have it both ways, they want to keep you poor and ignorant whilst the leadership gets more rich and more secretive. Does this sound like any religion you know? Or any government you know? Nope, we are not talking Communist states; look closer to home.
  5. Cults like to think that “the end justifies the means”. Famously, the “Children of God Sect” used to prostitute its female members for free (“flirty fishing”) to attract new male members to the cult. Other cults may promise you riches and power, salvation, peace of mind, everlasting  life or something equally as attractive. Some cults may threaten people with violence or isolation if they do not join, or make more severe threats if you try to leave. Consider if your government would even think about killing its own citizens in order to foster the advancement of its agenda, (otherwise known as “the sacrifice of the few to save the many”). Then Google “false flag attacks” and co-reference Lusitania, Pearl Harbour, the Port Arthur massacre, Saddam Hussein and 9/11.  It could be argued that if the government did not organise these charades, then they at least should have known more about them (given the vast intelligence and spy networks which they employ). In either case, it would seem that events which killed a few people (or a few thousand), actually worked out very well for the government “in the end”.

There are those who have woken up and realised they are in a cult, and there are those who are not aware of it yet. George Orwell tried to warn you of how corrupt leaders bend rules and use humans like farm animals in “Animal Farm” and again in “1984”, written in 1948. National borders are no more protection than arbitrarily assigned farm fencing, and no more a real measure of who is the best people than lines drawn on paper.

The creators of “The Matrix” series of movies tried to tell you that the world you think is your world is not the real world. Other movies such as “V for Vendetta”, “The Hunger Games”, “Star Wars” and numerous others celebrate the rising up of a small group of rebels against the oppressive tyranny of dictatorial rulers.

For those who read classics, think Alice In Wonderland and the Red Queen, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and Gulliver’s Travels (the original book, not the fay movies). Gulliver explains politics and the legal system to a stranger in a foreign land by saying that poor people are treated like worker animals and the rich get richer. When quizzed by the outsider why the poor don’t seek justice, Gulliver replies that the poor “cannot afford justice”. If you have seen a 16-year old kid go to jail for possessing three joints and a wealthy celeb like OJ Simpson escape jail for murder, then you’d have to agree that not much has changed in the 300 years since Gulliver was written. We would hope that it will change more from now on…

matrix alice wonderland.jpg

All rulers want more wealth and more power. Most leaders have realised that overt dictatorship will get you killed, as revolutions arise not just in the poor third-world countries, but history has shown the French Revolution arose in the midst of an otherwise advanced and affluent society. Larger-than-life dictators like Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe or Josef Stalin may be prime candidates for assassination, so the best way to protect your leadership is to hide behind a veneer of like-ability. Pretend you’re a nice leader, pretend to people they have a choice about whom they vote for, pretend the taxes they pay are going to the poor, or to societal upkeep, pretend to people that they are free… then they are less likely to kill you in a peasant revolution.

anon injustice.jpg

You no longer have to grab your pitchforks and storm the castle with the other villagers to take down a pernicious or tyrannical ruler; these days you can just grab your keyboard.

  • You can elect to opt out of voting, following or even caring about elections. Politics and patriotism is a distraction from issues that affect you personally and the world as a whole. We are not a group of countries, we are one world, we are in this together. We are also a selection of human beings, with the same human rights, no matter where we live.
  • You can opt out of jingoistic propaganda. One of the best ways to “break free” from your mindset is to travel. Visit other countries and see that they are all raised to believe that theirs is the best country in the world (interesting, isn’t it?). Keep your passport, travel as much as you can, just do not identify with the nationality shown on your passport. If you lack the funds for travel, use social media to collect as many friends from as many different countries as you can, and be receptive and open-minded to their patriotism (their version of their country’s propaganda).
  • You can elect to opt out of mandatory taxation. The money is not paid to the government anyway: your tax dollars are paid to a private entity who lends money to the government for interest. The amount used to pay for infrastructure or social services and welfare is minuscule compared to the amount you pay (the vast portion goes to pay politicians’ exorbitant salaries and benefits). If you’d like to pay to repair potholes, build schools or give food to the poor, then do it yourself, directly, or form small co-operatives, groups, charities or building societies, and cut out the politicians from the equation.
  • Research into who really runs the world: you may find that large private corporations control the media (propaganda machines) and other large corporations run the puppet show we call politics. Knowing your enemy is the first step towards defeating them.
  • Spread the word: share what you discover on blogs or social media. Although six large corporations control most of the media, newspapers, and television, they cannot control your mind unless you believe them. Share your views, share posts like this one and let the quiet revolution of increased knowledge lead to increased action.
  • You do not need to overthrow the deceptive government or take down corrupt religious leaders; simply opt to walk away. Step away from their control and they will lose power. If a politician calls a nation to an unjustified war, you can elect to not participate. Ditto for voting in elections or paying taxes to a foreign entity. Imagine if *everyone* in the country decided to unite for peace, love, freedom and truth: they cannot put everyone in prison, so the system would have to change. If all the Catholics walked out of the church en masse, then the church would be without its workers, farm animals and its income source. Ditto for governments. They would have to redesign a fairer system, in order to attract people back in.
  • Question everything: you will find that a lot of what you have been taught does not make logical sense, or does not stand up to more vigorous enquiry. If you are not allowed to question the status quo, you may be in a cult, ad you may need to ask a lot more questions, seek common sense, and exit stage left.
  • You can opt out of all Belief Systems (BS) which do not serve you. If you have been raised in a particular religious belief system, mix with people who will challenge your beliefs. If your family leans one way in politics, mix with those whose views drive you crazy. Stretch your mind. Although it may hurt at times, coming face to face with your own prejudices, BS and brain-washing will ultimately free you from all limiting beliefs, and grant you ultimate power: the power over yourself.


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