Confession time: I took something… and you may like to take it, too…

Confession time:

I took something… and you may like to take it also…


When I quit university and started my first service business, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I packed up all my belongings and moved from cold old Sydney to warm sunny Qld, people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I quit my ‘night job’ and started my first retail business, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I was offered a highly lucrative position on more than double my previous income, plus a car and laptop, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I doubled my income in a year, then doubled it again, then doubled it again, then doubled it again, friends asked, “How did you do that?”
When I gave away $11 000 to charity and received a tax refund cheque back for $10 000, it was my accountant who asked, “How did you do that?”
When I bought a 7-bedroom mansion in my 20’s, that backed onto a soccer field instead of looking at neighbours, people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I retired in my 30’s and moved to the beach, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I built a new startup business, from scratch, in a new town, with just $7000 and no contacts, and then sold it for six figures, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I wrote my first book, and it won an award, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity and became a best-seller, people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I was paid to travel the world and speak on stages, radio and TV, many business people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I wrote my second book and had it published in a few weeks, people asked “How did you do that?”
When I hosted a live radio show in New York City every week for two years, interviewing big international stars, people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I produced my own weekly talk show on TV in Australia, interviewing some of the wisest and wealthiest people in the country, many people asked, “How did you do that?”
When I sold up, gave away, packed up all I owned and moved to a tropical island paradise, people asked, “How did you do that?”
***The answer to all of the questions is the same:
“I took something”…***
weed in road
No, we are not talking about the Lance Armstrong/ Ben Johnson/ Arnold Schwarzenegger-type of “I took something artificial”; what I took was entirely natural.
I took something good. And I advise that you may like to take it also.
1) I took chances. Sometimes I failed, but I got back up. When a baby is walking towards you, it will fall, but if it keeps its eyes focussed on its destination, it will get there, eventually, no matter what.
2) I took risks; often big risks, make or break risks. Risks that could see me going bankrupt or becoming homeless if I failed, but risks with huge upside potential for a wonderful outcome or a dream life fulfilled when I succeeded.
3) I took good advice: qualified advice from those who had done it, or those who were busily doing it. You can get plenty of free advice from well-meaning friends, family or colleagues who are only to happy to tell you what to do (or what NOT to do, or what to be afraid of, or what to avoid); however, if these people are not doing what you want to do, then their free advice is worthless.
A million homebodies will tell you why you should never travel. A million fat chunks will tell you about how you may have a heart attack on the gym treadmill. A million singles will give you relationship advice. A million “never-beens” will tell you why you cannot succeed. Only seek qualified advice from those who are or those who can.
4) I took initiative. Some of the people whom I wanted advice from, I could not afford to pay for their advice. Some of these people were worth high-level 7 or 8 figures, they valued their spare time and charged lots of money for their advice. When I could not afford to pay them, I would find out what they wanted most, and find out how to get it for them.
The reason I had a large email list, a radio show with 150 000 listeners and a TV show with an audience of up to a million people, is that so many of these famous & successful achievers all wanted a broader audience. I created what they wanted, for them. They could communicate their message to more people in return for getting what I wanted. If you don’t have a list, create one by being the middleman: become the bridge between a star with valuable information who wants an audience, and an audience who wants valuable information from a star.
5) I took control. Many people are unconscious to their true potential. Many people give up too easily. They put themselves out there once or twice in life, in business or on the dating scene, and when it doesn’t succeed, they tell themselves some BS like “Obviously success/ being rich / owning a business /dating my soulmate just isn’t for me. I will have to settle for mediocrity / poverty / a crappy job / an average partner.”
Some people tell themselves similar BS, but they put a more spiritual slant on it, in an effort to make it sound more credible. “My business / life mission / dream partner didn’t drop out of the sky into my lap. It just wasn’t meant to be…” People try this airy-fairy spiritual BS so that people can’t argue with them or offer them advice. When you say “It wasn’t meant to be”, nobody says, “Why don’t you give it another try?” They just tend to sigh and say “yes”.
This fluffy new-age BS spirituality made popular in “The Secret” seemed to tell you that you could just meditate for an hour and a million dollars would fall into your lap. You could practice your affirmations over your gluten-free porridge every day for a week and your life would transform into pure bliss and Oprah-Club book deals. If it didn’t work, then you can say “It wasn’t meant to be”.
WARNING: if you say “It wasn’t meant to be” anywhere in my vicinity, I will most likely punch you in your overly-pretentious, egotistical, spiritually-bankrupt, self-righteous gonads.
Yes, it is important to meditate, have your affirmations, incantations and some yoga pants… but then you have to TAKE ACTION.
sunrise victory salute
Take Action towards your dreams. Again and again and again and again.
You don’t get spiritual by sitting on your humanness (or by sitting on your human ass). Spirit moves.
Every day, you see the egoless form of an eminently more spiritual nature persisting and trying again. The tree branch cracks or is cut off, and a new bud grows just above the wound.
You cut fresh flowers for the garden, and their friends don’t say “Screw that for a joke. Every time we blossom, someone cuts our heads off. That’s it! Don’t nobody blossom no more!” Flowers don’t do that. Nature is purely spiritual, it is not that petty.
A sidewalk is paved, or a highway is laid down, killing all life beneath it; yet, a few weeks or a few months pass and you will find fresh green shoots of tiny grass pushing their heads through and cracking the mighty road. They don’t overcome with force but with unstoppable persistence.
weed in road
Animals who are culled to the point of extinction do not give up and say “Perhaps pandas /whales /rhinos just weren’t meant to be”. They do not just lay down and die. They get busy, they eat and they shag and they survive & they thrive. And if you don’t quit, you may just shag’n well survive & thrive also!
6) I took the time to share. Sharing is caring. Sharing or giving shows to yourself, and to the Universe around you, that you have more than enough; you have an Abundance.
Notice that nature is extravagant, even wasteful. Each man has enough sperm to birth an army, each woman has enough eggs to create a city. Each tree has hundreds of fruits, with thousands of seeds: far more than is required for the mere survival of the species into the next generation. You are part of nature and spirit and you have more than enough.
Whatever you have, wherever you are, whoever you are, you have something which you can share or give. Donate a few dollars to someone less fortunate. Give away some free time to a charity or visit someone in hospital or volunteer a few hours in aged care. Plant a tree. Pat a dog. Give your favourite coffee or softdrink to a random stranger and drink water instead (that water will taste Sooooooo sweet!) Offer a ride to someone who looks like they need it. Teach someone a game that you know how to play. Have a conversation with a foreigner and help them to practice their English. Share an uplififting blog or Facebook post.
You CAN do it. First, stop believing the BS that you can’t do it, or that it “wasn’t meant to be”. Then, step up and have a go, and another go, and another go, and another, and another go, and another, until you succeed or until you learn something valuable.
The same god/ goddess/ Universe/ Nature/ Source or force that put that dream inside of your heart, is the same force that has given you the means to attain it. Whatever that force is, it’s 1) benevolent, and 2) it’s not stupid.
A loving Source would not give you a dream that you could never achieve: that would be either really cruel or really stupid. Love will test you, but it will not try to make you fail. Only your own fears can do that.
stand out in sunrise
Get out of your head (your fears, doubts, rationality) and get into your heart (your love, courage, unreasonableness).
Take action. Take initiative. Take risks. Take qualified advice. Take steps. Take something. This post is my gift to you. What’s your gift to the world?

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Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or
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