How you can be a Peaceful Rebel

anon beckham

Here’s how you can become a peaceful rebel, for fun or profit.

Read on!

The religious leader says: “If you don’t give to the church, you’re stealing from God, or stealing from the poor.”

The Political leader says: “If you don’t give to the government/ tax office, you’re stealing from the poor/ unemployed/ disabled/ elderly.”

NO — that’s BS! We’re just looking for a peer-to-peer distribution model, without your over-priced and over-bloated assistance. Why can’t we give to the underpriveleged without you having your dirty, sticky fingers in the pie?

The religious leader says: “If you don’t do as I say, you disobey God, and you will be imprisoned/ excommunicated/ tortured/ killed/ damned to hell/ punished by demons in your next life.”

The Political leader says: “If you don’t do as I say, you’re unpatriotic, and will be imprisoned/killed/punished by the police/army/CIA.”

NO — that’s BS! We’re just looking to follow the example of a good leader, rather than following the commands of a dictator.

The religious leader says: “If you don’t go to war for us, you betray God. If you do kill in our name, you will be fighting the enemies of God, and be honoured in heaven.”

The Political leader says: “If you don’t go to war for us, you betray your country, and will go to jail. If you do kill in our name, it’s not murder, it’s heroism. Instead of being jailed for murder, you’ll be called a hero and given a medal.”

NO — that’s BS! Killing another person, not in self-defence, but because of their religion or their nationality is murder. It doesn’t matter if someone in power tells us it’s OK, we know that it is not OK to kill. And tell us, why does the “officially sanctioned war” always align with *your* profits and *your* best interests, and not OURS?

anonymous anarchy.jpg

The church waged many “holy wars” and then seized trillions of dollars in artefacts, land and gold from “the enemies of God”.

Many countries have waged “just” wars, and then seized trillions of dollars in land, gold, oil, diamonds, drugs & other produce from “the enemies of our country/ enemies of democracy/ etc”

*** WAKE UP ***

There are no “rulers” & “subjects”, there are just people.

anon einstein.jpg

The Queen of England shouldn’t be called “Your Majesty”. She isn’t “majestic”, she’s just an old lady from a German family who was put on the English throne after a military coup. Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha only sits on the throne because her ancestor, Henry VII, defeated the previous king in battle and took his throne by force.

Throughout the so-called “royal” family, there are many examples of crime, Nazism, and infidelity and illegitimacy that call into question their right to rule, or even own any “royal” assets.

If a foreign family killed your family and took possession of all their stuff, is that OK?

The President of the USA, the Prime Minister of Australia, UK or Canada, any ruler of any country, dictator or elected, all of them are just normal people. They have been put into power by normal people, and left in power by the inaction of other normal people.

There are no kings or popes who are “chosen by God”, there are just people who are chosen by other people.

There are no rulers who have any power, except for the power which you give them.

You can choose to obey the church, or leave it, or change it. Ignore the risk to yourself and become famous for being revolutionary and RIGHT, instead of aligning with those who are popular, in power and *wrong* (look up Martin Luther (NOT King) on Wikipedia for some inspiration, or see link below)

*** WAKE UP ***

anon girl 009.jpg

Thousands of years ago, we had no countries, no churches, and the entire village or community took care of the poor and frail.

Thousands of years ago, we did not have hordes of religious rulers or politicians, and we did what we needed to do to get by.

*** WHAT IF ***

What if I told you, that a “French Revolution” to topple the inauthentic leaders, and a return to autonomy, is the only
logical future for our planet?

***Would that statement make me a sinner, a terrorist, or a freedom fighter?***

*** THE PROOF ***

Throughout history, the rulers who have been seen as corrupt or “bad”, have always been overthrown by the 99%. This “purge” or “reset” has happened countless times, from Egyptian pharaohs, Chinese emperors, British kings and Russian czars. It happens time and again, right now. with dictators in many third-world countries.

Arguably, the replacement rulers may turn out to be just as bad, or worse, than the ones they deposed; however, there is always plenty of time for the next revolution.anon girl 014.jpg

The Communist party executed the seemingly corrupt Russian royal family and took over rule. Hooray for the Communists!!

However, history shows that the new ruling party were just as bad:
the communists were just as adept at taking money from the commoners, forcing everyone else to live in poverty and killing anyone who disagreed.

It took a couple of generations for the commoners get dissatisfied enough to overthrow the communist ruling party and install new leaders. Since democracy has come to Russia, much wealth has been transferred from the rulers to the masses, and many new millionaires and billionaires have been created in the working class.

However, there are still many people who live in poverty, and time will tell how long the new ruling class stays in power before the 99% rise up and overthrow the rulers again.

In the early days of Europe, you could find British queens shouting, “Off with his head” when someone disagreed with them. Often, the royalty were later killed and replaced with others.

You could also encounter French queens saying “Let them eat cake” to starving peasants without bread. The “out of touch” French aristocrats were eventually beheaded by the commoners in one of history’s most famous revolutions.

Popes or religious leaders who didn’t appreciate dissidents could have them imprisoned, tortured or killed. Many of these violent popes were later killed, either by those inside their own household, or by enemies on the outside.

There was the Pope who imprisoned Galileo for life (for saying that the earth revolved around the sun, in opposition to the church beliefs), as well as paedophile Popes, rapists, immorality, bestiality, the pope who was killed by a jealous husband, the pope who sold his papacy for $22 Million in gold, and the myriad of popes who took money from the poor and ignorant under false pretences.

In 1517, Martin Luther asked in a public letter, “Why does the pope, whose wealth is greater than the wealth of the richest king, build the basilica of St. Peter with the money of the poor, rather than with his own money?” Not a lot has changed in the centuries.

You can find out about Popes who killed and tortured their enemies, as well as those who were paedophiles, criminals and were killed or overthrown, below.

anon ignorance.jpg

The last 200 years have seen a “mass exodus” from churches, with up to 95% of believers no longer attending, and those who do, starting to question the official

We no longer hold religious wars to execute Jews, Muslims, witches or pagans and pillage their lands and riches (see The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition etc. Although the Spanish Inquisition is most famous, it was merely one of several Inquisitions, dating from 1232 to 1834, occuring in Spain, Naples, the Netherlands,
Portugal, Goa, Italy, South, Central and North America). Can you think of another example where a minority group were persecuted, killed, or kicked out of the country, and had all their money taken?

*** WAKE UP ***

There are many parallels between what the Catholic church did to Jews, Protestants and Muslims, and what the Nazis & KKK did to Jews and blacks. Coincidentally (or maybe not), both the Nazis and the KKK are extremely Christian organisations, using religion to cover hate crime and theft of property.

You may have noticed that recent events in the Western world have seemed to make Muslims, Iraqis, Russians or Syrians out to be the bad guys, sometimes on very dodgy evidence. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was based on “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, drawing the USA, UK and Australia into a war that was later proven to be unjustified and arguably criminal.

anonymous revolution

If an individual breaks into someone’s house and kills them, accusing them of some crime, and then we later learn that the crime was untrue, then the individual would stand trial for invasion and murder.


If ten people broke into a college and killed ten people, and there is no basis for the crime, then that group would stand trial for invasion and murder. Ditto for a group of 100, or 1 000. If someone told a group to go and commit murder, then the individual who ordered the killing would also be charged with murder.

But somehow, through some illusory magic trick, if a country invades another country, kills millions of people and then we find out there was
no wrongdoing from the other country, then somehow it’s OK, as it’s endorsed by our rulers and “because we say so”.

If you lived in Iraq, how would you feel? Some stranger comes in and blows the kelapas out of your country, kills millions of women and children and then says “Oops! We thought you had WMD’s or some other bad stuff. Sorry. We’ll leave soon, but these trillions of dollars in gold bullion that your government stole from you through unfair taxation? We’ll just be taking those with us. It’s evidence.”

Do the president of the USA, the prime ministers of the UK, or Australia stand trial for their conspiracy to commit the murder of millions in Iraq? Murdering millions who later turned out to be innocent? By some conjuring trick, do we treat our leaders as exempt from criminal acts, just because we elected them? Who has the power, and who is giving the power? Who declares the innocence or the guilt?

Recent history would seem to indicate that President Obama can bomb six Muslim countries in seven years (creating millions of refugees, and millions of collateral deaths), President Bush can order the deaths of millions in Iraq, based on false information, but President Clinton cannot have consentual sex with an adult woman?

Our priorities seem to be a little out of alignment! When did a sexual act between two consenting adults become worse than mass murder?

anon guy 002.jpg

*** WAKE UP ***

You don’t need religion to give you morals.
You don’t need a country to tell you who to kill and who to protect.
You don’t need anyone to tell you where you have to give a large chunk of your money.

Submitting to leadership is optional. Religion is optional. Paying money to the government (tax) or giving money to the church (tithing) is most definitely optional.

You are the one who decides which religion or church leader you align yourself with (or you can choose none at all).

You are the one who decides who gets to be the ruler of your country, or you can leave, and choose which country you live in.

anon guy 005.jpeg


You have the power.
Do not let anyone else fool you.
Do not let anyone else tell you that they have the power to control you, or the power to take your money, or the power to ask you to kill in their name.

You have the power.
Obedience to a corrupt ruling power is treachery to your own morals.

If an evil ruler wants you to go to war for their own economic gain, your best option is righteous treason, or “conscientious objection”. That’s what Mohammed Ali did when he was drafted for the Vietnam War.

If an evil ruler wants you to pay taxes, predominantly to fund themselves and their own party, rather than helping the poor and oppressed, your best option is righteous treason, or “registering a tax exempt business entity”. That’s what billionaires like Branson, Gates, Winfrey, Zuckerberg and many others have done.

Arguably the west’s first terrorist was none other than George Washington. He committed high treason, was responsible for the death of numerous government troops, as well as killing “collaborators” (loyal citizens who supported the British government). He also advocated slavery of Africans and for the extermination of Native Americans. History makes him look like a hero, but remember who wrote the history!

You can write your own history.
You can be your own leader.
You have the power.

anon clown

Isn’t it better to fight the oppressor, to not become part of the problem?

If you were captured by terrorists, would you fight and escape, or bow down and join them?

Just remember that, according to Syria, Iraq, Native Americans and 132 other countries, the USA is the terrorist.

According to anyone who was not a Catholic during the middle ages, the Catholic church was a terrorist.

Just because you were born into a religion, doesn’t mean you have to stay there or believe what the preacher says.

Just because you were born in one country, doesn’t mean you have to stay there or believe what the government says.

If you’re not rebelling against authority, you reinforce the authority.
If you’re not fighting the problem, you become part of the problem.
If you are not fighting against oppression and injustice, you become the evil.

anon injustice.jpg

I’m not suggesting that you blow up a church or a busload of politicians, I’m merely suggesting that you step out from under their boots.

Anyone can now legally walk out of an organised religion and you will no longer be burned as a witch.

Anyone can now legally opt out of paying mandatory taxes, and you can gift money directly to a charitable cause instead.

What would it take for you to wake up and realise your own power?
What would it take for you to use your own money for your own choice, and choose your own authority?

What can you do today to reclaim ownership of your freedoms, your money and your soul?

anon girl 002

Be a peaceful rebel.
Make friends on social media who are NOT from your country, and therefore have not been fed the same propaganda as you.

Ask them for their views on religion and politics, and LISTEN without judging it as bad: it’s just different.

Perhaps it will encourage you to see your own beliefs in a new light.

Which Belief System is sexier for you: Populous Revolution or criminal greed?

Be a peaceful rebel.
Don’t kill the 1% — just learn what they know and copy their steps.

Be a peaceful rebel.
Don’t burn your flag: just travel.
Don’t kill the preacher or smash your TV: just stop listening.
Don’t overthrow the politicians, just learn that paying them your money in taxes is most definitely optional.

Some Resources
Google donates $177 Million to charity, avoids paying $3.1 Billion in tax
Google’s coup would be like you paying 0.0005% to charity instead of paying 30% tax.
And that’s OK, as the government spends almost 30% on defence & government salaries and not charitable works anyway
The ten worst popes and religious despots
Some other religious criminals
The Spanish Inquisition
the Christian Inquisition
the Medieval Inquisition
the Roman one
the Portuguese one
Martin Luther — the righteous “outlaw”
He took on a criminal pope and birthed a reformation of freedom for a billion people
Records of criminal politicians and their vast number of political crimes, are too numerous to list 🙂
Should Queen Elizabeth sit on the throne? Illegitimacy exposed
Some great quotes against war & oppressive government, including this from Thomas Jefferson,
in the American Declaration of Independence:
“whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of (freedom & happiness),
it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” ~
and this quote from President George W. Bush:
“If this were a dictatorship, it’d be a heck of a lot easier… just as long as I’m the dictator.”
– George W. Bush
Further examples of people & companies who opt out of the tax system:
you may find that many of these who pay no tax, are supporters of charities.
Either that, or they make big donations to the ruling political parties,
thus ensuring that leaders do not tax them nor change the loopholes

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