40-day water fast: WTF and how? 

Yes, it’s true that I did a 40-day water-fast, HOWEVER, this was not my first time into fasting.

 I’d compare it to lifting weights in the gym: you have to start with the smaller ones and work your way up to the big ones!

 I’m reasonably healthy and haven’t been to a doctor in ten years, and although I know a lot of things, I am not a doctor. If you have any heart issues, digestion issues or are taking any medications, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor or health professional before starting a fast.

drinking  water

 My first water fast was 5-7 days, and I’d suggest that if you’re coming off of “normal” food, then it would be good to do 1-2 days of just raw fruit and veges to prepare your body (like little weights in the gym).

 After 1-2 days on just raw fruit and veges, then move onto fruit & vege juices. You’re weaning yourself off solid food, gradually and gently, the opposite of what a baby does.

 If you see my Instagram account (instagram.com/24hourwealthcoach) then you will see many of the recipes which I have used. I combine fruits & veges into a blender and add water for consistency. (If you have a juicer, you can use that).

 I would generally drink 2-3 litres of juice a day, and supplement with water as well. Drink as much or as little juice as you feel that you need, depending on your hunger levels, and try to have 2-3 litres of water per day to help flush out the body.


 If it’s your first fast, after 2-3 days on juice, you may feel that is enough cleansing, and then move back onto eating raw fruit and veges for 1-2 days, before introducing “normal” food to your system.

 Again, go gently on yourself (like you do in the gym). Go fully raw, and then gradually introduce other foods, such as having raw fruit for breakfast, raw veges for lunch, and maybe cooking some rice and veges for dinner. The next day (day 7 or 8) you can have one raw meal and two cooked meals if you wish.

 The “coming off” of the fast is the most important part, so wean yourself very gently back onto solids and traditional foods. Remember the gym, go gently, or remember the baby — don’t go straight from liquids to steak!

 Simple meals that can be broken apart with your fingers, eg. fruit, veges, perhaps some fish. Meat such as chicken, pork or beef which you cannot break apart with your fingers, will be difficult for your stomach to break apart also.

 After a few days of gradual introduction, you can go back to a “standard” diet, if you choose to do so.

 When I am water fasting, I will follow a routine similar to the above:

  • go raw fruits and veges for 1-2 days
  • do juices for 2-3 days
  • then start with water for 5 days (first time; longer each time you do it, 7 to 21 days on water is OK for most, 40 if you’re advanced)
  • then reintroduce juices for 2-3 days
  • then do raw fruit and veges for 2-3 days.

 Remember that the body is 70% SALT water, so when water fasting, put in a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt ito each litre of water (available at Woolworths or health food stores). I also like to put a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda into the water to keep the body alkaline.


There is no need to use salted water or bicarb water when you are doing juice days or fruit & vege days, as the fruit & veges have a little salt in them.

 Salted water will help you to remove toxins and keep the body in its natural state, also prevents cramps. If you get cramps in body muscles or stomach, add more salt to your water 🙂

 Also, be aware that your body temperature will go down — whilst you are fasting you are healing. Stay warm, wear extra clothes and take care of yourself.

 If you feel tired, set an alarm for 60-90 minutes and take a nap or meditate for a while.

It’s OK to have a nap for an hour at lunchtime or evening: you’ll have more time as you are not preparing and eating meals 🙂


If you are a gym junkie, do not do weights or cardio whilst water fasting: walking, stretching and yoga/meditation is fine. Save the running or gym workouts for when you are onto solid foods (raw or standard diet).

 I do not use any herbs, vitamins or supplements whilst water fasting, just water, pink salt and bicarb soda.

 If you are doing an extended water fast (7-21 days), then you can add a teaspoon of Psyllium husk and a teaspoon of bentonite clay or green clay (available at health food store) to a glass of water once a day.

 The psyllium husk and clay will give some solid bulk to your faeces (which will be very watery after a few days on just liquids), and the solid matter also acts like a brush to clean out the digestive system.

 I was gentle on myself, did 5-day water fast one year at Christmas, then 11 days on water the next year, 21 days the next year and then 40 days on my third year.

 drinking  water2

Remember to go gently, wean yourself off solid foods slowly and then wean yourself back onto solid foods very slowly as well. After a week or so on nothing but liquids (juices or water) your stomach will be more sensitive, so avoid meat and cheese etc until after you’ve introduced the lighter “finger-breakable” foods.

 If you have any weird reactions or pain, chat with a health specialist. Many toxins will be released when fasting, so it’s normal to have stinky poopies or pimples or mucus for the first few days; anything more serious should be checked.

Below is a picture of me on day #35 of water fast: I had lost 15 kgs, and small scars and blemishes had started to disappear from my body. Scar tissue which I had from motorcycle crashes 20 years earlier started to disappear, as my body started to recycle its own proteins.

The body is very INTELLIGENT, and it will not consume “good” proteins for fuel (eg. muscles) until it has first used the “bad” proteins (scars, blemishes).

I have heard from others that it is possible to reduce the size of not only scars, but also cancers, tumours or cysts during an extended fast. I have no personal experience of this, so cannot comment. It’s up to you to experiment with your body under the supervision of your doctor.

JB water fast day 35

Any issues or concerns? I’m happy to chat via Facebook or Skype most days.

Good luck, and good health 🙂


Jeremy Britton


Abundant Health & Wealth through Education

The above is not professional health advice, prescription or a substitute for medication. This is just my story and my opinion and should be taken as education. All truth, love and care and no professional responsibility. Consult your doctor if you have serious issues.

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