A DOZEN THINGS ABOUT ME 1. My friends in


1. My friends include a Tibetan Buddhist Lama and the head of the Knights Templar
2. I have a Doctorate in Religious Studies and started my own church
3. I completed over 1000 sunrise meditations & had a documentary movie made about me
4. Hosted a radio show in the USA for 2 years and hosted a TV show in Brisbane
5. Last year I fasted for 40 days and nights on just water
6. I have not had a real job in 20 years
7. I uploaded a naked video of myself to Youtube and my mother saw it
9. I married my wife TWICE
10. I have written six books but only published two
11. Both of my middle names are “Peter”
12. One of these statements is a lie

Pick the lie, or share a dozen things about YOU!


About 24hourwealthcoach

Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or www.24hourwealthcoach.com
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