Which celebrities are just like you and me?

We know that some celebrities are quirky (Madonna), weird (Lady Gaga) or unusual (Miley Cyrus), and we also know that some celebrities appear to be relatively normal. Some famous people you may invite over for a meal at your mothers’ may include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, whilst you may make arrangements to meet Alice Cooper in a place where nobody else will see you. Just how “normal” is normal, in Hollywood? Is it possible to be normal in La-La Land, or do all stars succumb to the pull of the paranormal lifestyle? Vogue Daily — Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore, a child star who perhaps should have burned out but didn’t. Past drug habit long behind her, she now makes nice movies and adorable creations in the kitchen. You can see her posts on food, friends and her baby Olive at @drewbarrymore. Ten-month-old North West already has her first Lamborghini. Kim Kardashian may not live in the real world. Her daughter is only a few months old and already has a matte black Lamborghini. WARNING: Keeping up with @kimkardashian may be hazardous to your wealth. Vogue Daily — Reese Witherspoon The lovely Reese Witherspoon includes photos of ticket stubs, home-cooked food, bush walks (‘nature hikes’), and hanging out with her husband, Matthew McConaughey.  @reesewitherspoon Scott Disick uses his wad of $100 bills as a phone, to call his peasant followers. Scott Disick may need to lose an “s” from his surname: posting pictures of him using $100 bills as toilet paper, or using a stack of $100’s as a phone to call out insults to the ‘peasants’.  @letthelordbewithyou Vogue Daily — Jessica Chastain Star of movies such as “The Help” and “Zero Dark Thirty”, Jessica Chastain keeps her feet on the ground, whilst playing ping-pong, taking a trip with her grandma or just hanging out.  Follow @chastainiac Rihanna has so much money, she likes to stand on it. Some people may wish to wallpaper their house with their extra cash, Rihanna likes to make rugs. Funnily enough, they all look like singles.  What does that suggest to you?  The celebrity’s Instagram account has been disabled, allegedly due to racy pics, and no longer exists.: @badgalriri Vogue Daily — Michelle Dockery Star of “Downton Abbey”, Michelle Dockery looks sweet in her casual clothes and doing relatively normal tasks. No Lambo shots, lingerie shots or waterfalls of money here at @theladydockers 50 Cent has so much money he can't even fold it. Curtis Jackson (also known as “50 Cent”) has so much money that he can no longer put it into his wallet. We feel your pain, my friend. Have you heard of bank accounts and debit cards? That’s what us normal people (also known as “normies”) are using these days… well, since the invention of plastic 100 years ago, and the non-cash banking system. Thanks for letting us know that you have more dollars than sense… Hoooboy! @50cent Vogue Daily — Chloë Moretz Someone else who could have burned out (or died trying), is child-star, Chloë Moretz. She started acting at age 7 and has filmed over a dozen movies so far, all before her 18th birthday. Keeping it real, the youngster hangs out with friends and dances like a teenager, not a pornstar. Follow her adorableness at @cmoretz Miley Cyrus shoves her money down her shorts. Speaking of which, the wannabe weirdo Miley Cyrus spends so much time twerking, tweeting and licking things, it’s a wonder she has time to take Instagram pictures. Most of her pictures feature her tongue, her skin, piles of money, or a combination of all three. Be thankful that we only showed you 2/3 in this photo, as “two outta three ain’t bad”. WARNING: Too much tonguing random items could result in contagious physical illness (if it’s not already a result of serious mental illness). Dad Billy Ray Cyrus can take solace in the fact that it looks like it was Miley herself who stuck the money down her pants: perhaps nobody else was brave enough to risk it. Look at Miley, dance with her, party with her, by all means, but wash your hands before dinner.  @mileycyrus Vogue Daily — Salma Hayek Star of TV, movies and known for her beautiful looks, Salma Hayek is happy to get down and be ordinary. Having appeared as a gorgeous and powerful woman in over 20 movies, she is happy to let her hair down occasionally and take a selfie with bubble-gum… wouldn’t you, if you could blow one that big? Follow @salmhayek Chris Brown may take photos of all his cash, but he doesn't spend it on himself. It’s hard to take Chris Brown seriously. Apart from drug use, jail time and beating women, he can’t even seem to make sense to himself. He posts a notification that he’s going to use his money to help his family, then his next few pictures show that he bought himself no less than ten Rolex watches, and a selection of Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis in different colours. No mention of how his family is, or what he did for them. @chrisbrownofficial Vogue Daily — Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher, who showed us, playing the movie role of Steve Jobs, that he could do serious roles and smart characters. He’s not just a pretty face, he’s also talented and approachable. No celebrity burn-outs or money piles, just pics of him and fiancée Mila Kunis (@itskunismilena, in case you were wondering). Check him out @kutcher78 or @apluskEven when she's going for a casual diamond facial. Reality TV star and millionaire heiress Camilla Mackintosh told the UK Mail, “I’m comfortable, but I don’t live a flash life.” According to whom? There are still some people living in normal houses who use a sponge, flannel or simply their hands to wash their face; we don’t all dip our dimples in diamonds.  If you lived in the real world or did something for a living, you may realise that some of your reality is not shared by all who work, act, sell or otherwise add value.  If you don’t have a wiki or a serious journalistic article but you do have celebrity gossip and paparazzi, what does that suggest? @camillamackintosh Vogue Daily — Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is known for her good looks and has won several awards as “Most Desirable Woman” (“Ask Men”, 2010, 2011, 101, 2013), as well as winning “Sexiest Woman in the World” (FHM, UK).  She has starred in TV series such as “The O.C.”, “Skin” and “House”, also starring in movies such as, “The Girl Next Door”, “TRON: Legacy”, “Cowboys and Aliens”, “Year One” and half a dozen more. Wilde assumed her surname from Oscar Wilde, and is actually a descendant of the British royal family (Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII). Keeping starhood and vaguely distant royalty in reality, Wilde will post pics of food and family, with some occasional wise words. She is a meditator, a vegan, has a clothing label which gives back and aims to reduce poverty. Follow her at @oliviawilde Just a pair of rose gold headphones. Nothing to see here. Because plastic headphones simply do not give the audio quality that Rose-Gold headphones do… Sometimes we have to ask the question: what is a “reality TV star”? Are not the words “reality TV” as oxymoronic as “reality star”? She creates a few fashion articles that look pretty on the outside (made from pony leather? Olivia Wilde wouldn’t touch leather, and millions of girls wouldn’t touch dead ponies, so *why*?) but we seriously wonder what her insides are made of.  Plastic is so yesterday, for fashion, but not, apparently for people. @rosiefortescue Vogue Daily — Amanda Seyfried Amanda Seyfried

Dogs, beaches, hairdoos, boyfriend shots, dorky pics—that might sound like any of your friends’ accounts except, in Amanda Seyfried’s case, her dog has been on Letterman and her boyfriend Justin Long is a star of more than 50 Hollywood movies, as well as the famous “Get a Mac” ads, where he played Mac. Modelling from age 11, Seyfried herself has acted in 15 movies and many TV shows. See her being gorgeous yet approachable at @mingey As do Lewis Hamilton's dogs. Making himself comfortable but not so approachable, Formula One race-car driver Lewis Hamilton shows off the treatment that his dogs get on airlines. Most people in the real world never get to fly First Class on a lay-flat bed, but we sure are glad we can get to see your dogs doing it! There are any number of better investments than First-Class tickets for dogs, Lewis, but we’ll let you figure that out in a few year’s time. Vogue Daily — Elle Fanning A lot of 16 year old girls post selfies and have “Hello Kitty” phone protectors, and although Elle Fanning can probably afford rose-gold headphones, we are glad she doesn’t show them off. The younger sister of Dakota Fanning played her first role at age 2 in “Taken” and “I am Sam”, moving onto “Daddy DayCare” and most recently in “Maleficent”. Apart from starring with Angelina Jolie, Elle has also played alongside Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson. Seemingly sticking to a budget, the high-earning Hollywood starlet went to Cirque de Soleil for her birthday, instead of having a penthouse party. Follow her achievable lifestyle at @elle_fanning

Kris Jenner's fridge looks like this. Kris Jenner used to be a Kardashian. Need we say more? Married to Robert Kardashian (the lawyer most famous for allowing OJ Simpson to escape murder charges), the mother of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian confessed her infidelity many years after the marriage ended. If you needed a detective, she married Bruce Jenner within 30 days of divorcing Robert Kardashian, although she was actually cheating on her late husband with former soccer player Todd Waterman. Still following? Anyone care? We could comment on the two breast enhancements before her daughter’s wedding (footage of this is available, believe it or not), her short-lived TV-show (6 episodes and cancelled), bragging about obsessive compulsive disorder, or the obsessive spending, but it may be far more fun to watch what happens to the human body when it drinks this much artificial-sugar-flavoured water over an extended period of time. Get morbidly fascinated at @krisjenner

Vogue Daily — Sarah Jessica Parker She’s just a down-home mother of three kids, living in a world of sunsets, blue skies and lovely old architecture. Once upon a time, Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the most widely-recognised faces in movies and TV. From “Square Pegs” and “Footloose” in the 1980’s to the iconic “Sex in the City” in the 1990’s, Parker has filmed almost twenty films and dozens of TV shows. Married to fellow 80’s star Matthew Broderick since 1987, Parker’s life seems simple, sweet and sustainable. Follow her at @sarahjessicaparker

P Diddy is a fan of spontaneous car shopping. Famously cutting his fuel costs during the Gulf War crisis by selling his private jet and flying first-class instead, P-Diddy seems to be buying again. Spending like there’s no tomorrow, or as if tomorrow will always bring a paycheque, we hope that he’s also investing into things that go up in value as well. @iamdiddy

Vogue Daily — Anna Kendrick You’d think that after hanging with Beyoncé, being nominated for Golden Globes and Academy Awards, that Anna Kendrick would be a little snooty. Star of “Pitch Perfect”, “Twilight”, “Scott Pilgrim” and several other movies, Kendrick has been acting since she was first old enough to go on the bus to auditions (age 10). One of the youngest actors to be nominated for a Tony Award (at age 12), she is just as happy to get glamorous as she is to get dorky. Photos range from “red carpet” to “sweatpants and a snarl” with plenty of self-deprecation. Follow the pitch perfect singer at @annakendrick47

While normal-sized spliffs just don't cut it for Rihanna. We’ve already been there, but couldn’t resist this singer and actor. Another possible reason why Rihanna no longer has an Instagram account: she cannot be trusted in Amsterdam. Was it her publicist’s decision to close the account or Instagram’s? Broken links only found at Instagram: @badgalriri Vogue Daily — Cameron Diaz cameron diaz If she was any cuter, she’d be the girl next door… Cameron Diaz uploads silly pics of herself and her friends, being wacky and humorous, and occasionally glamorous. Of course, her pics with friends may include Stella McCartney, Taylor Swift, Drew Barrymore, Leslie Mann and Lena Dunhamn, but that’s not her fault.  Follow her shy cuteness at @camerondiaz

Craig David is having the last laugh.

Craig David used to sing about how rich and handsome he was, and how all of the girls loved to be with him. He made his fortune by saying that he had one and still likes to show off. If you’re saying “who’s Craig David?” then that is kinda the point. His debut album “Born To Do It” sold well in 2000, followed by the less-popular album, “Slicker Than Your Average” in 2002. A “Greatest Hits” album in 2008 could have been titled “WTF?”, an unlikely anagram for “how do you get a greatest hits CD off of just two albums?” SHowing off again, sure, but “What has he done for you lately?”  Ignore the hype at Instagram: @craigdavid

Vogue Daily — Ryan Phillippe

This photo could have come out of an Instagram account of a single working dad in the mid-West, or even a photo album of some American family from the 1950’s.  Instead of some hard-working, poor but honest, minimum-wage mechanic, this is the account of actor Ryan Phillippe. You feel like you may know him from his movies, but you probably didn’t know that his mother ran a daycare centre in the family home house while his dad worked. This humble beginning may be why Phillippe can keep a healthy level of sanity whilst starring in a dozen movies and numerous TV shows.  You won’t see many actor’s accolades here, what you will see is a proud dad posting up pics of his children’s artwork and school grades. Enjoy the family fun at @ryanphillippe

And finally, 50 Cent has a $65,000 diamond-encrusted cat head. Obvs.

We’ve already been here as well, but who could resist poking the bear? Rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ordered a $25 000 gold “Cat-Head” ring from Cartier, and then asked for it to be covered in diamonds. This more than doubled the price, so his pretty bauble then cost $65,000.  Jackson, who has been charged with possession and sale of heroin, selling cocaine and several counts of violence, lives in the house formerly owned by Mike Tyson, another man who came quickly into wealth, and then went bust. This should be a warning to Jackson to watch his money, particularly as he hasn’t posted any pictures of himself cooking his own meals like Drew Barrymore, or humbly cutting his son’s hair like Ryan Phillippe.

Which celebrity lifestyle appeals to you most? Are you a a big-blinging, name-brand, cash-flasher, or are you more humble and down to earth? Follow your favourite stars on Instagram using above links, or comment below.




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