Serious question for medical/dental/alte

Serious question for medical/dental/alternative health practitioners. Everything in my body seems to heal itself or regrow itself when it is broken. My skin regrows, liver, lungs, muscles and other organs replenish. A broken bone will heal itself. The body seems to repair everything, once the damaging influence is removed. Why then, is there a difference with my teeth?

We are taught that the only way to repair dental cavities is to visit the dentist. Why is it that my teeth are the only system in the entire human body that seems to require artificial and external intervention? Serious question: can dental damage be healed from within right now, or was it possible in the past? If so, what is stopping the bodily healing now: sugar-rich foods, processed foods, fluoride in the water? Could we possibly, by removing the damaging influence, allow the teeth to regrow over a dental cavity? Why does every system in the body seem to heal and regenerate except for the teeth?


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Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or
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