According to Ayurvedic tradition, a woma

According to Ayurvedic tradition, a woman’s menstrual blood comes from inside of her uterus to make way for a child. The Ayurveda goes on to say that when pregnant, the baby blocks the flow of blood, causing the blood to stop flowing down, and causing blood to flow upwards into the woman’s breasts, making them rounder and fuller. Then, by gravity & magic, the menstrual blood is transformed into milk for the baby.

The Ayurvedic tradition sees blood (and milk) as interchangeable, they see both fluids as nurturing and life-giving compounds, and both are to be respected and cherished.

This seems a long way from the Judao-Christian Biblical tradition of seeing menstruating women as “unclean”.

In more modern times, Ayurvedic Asians have been accused of disrespecting (the heretofore “nurturing”) women more than the biblical Judao-Christian society disrespects (the previously “unclean”) women.

Different religions, different cultures, different times. What if you were free to pick and choose the best parts from each societal or religious Belief System?

What if you could **make up your own views, customs, practices and traditions** on religion, women’s rights, culture and Belief Systems? What would you copy? What would you create? What would you discard? What else is possible?


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