My response to someone who asks if cyani

My response to someone who asks if cyanide in apple seeds is toxic :

I tend to trust healthy people, the people at Poisons Information and I tend to distrust pill-dispensing doctors or those who give me advice which they themselves are not using.

According to Snopes, you’d have to eat a bucketload of apple seeds to kill yourself, and 5-10 whole apples a day can be readily digested with cyanide amounts safe within limits for your kidneys to process easily.

There is also small amounts of naturally-occurring cyanide present in cherry seeds and apricot seeds (both are excellent protection against cancer, with one anti-cancer drug synthesised from apricot kernels).

Wikipedia says that Cyanide is an additive put into table salt (“anti-caking agent”) and artificial vitamin B pills. I reckon I would be much safer and healthier with “an apple a day”

Thanks for the question, I learned a lot from the research.

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