**There is ALWAYS a Boom on, somewhere.*

**There is ALWAYS a Boom on, somewhere.** Where is the boom now, for YOU?
There is always a boom on, somewhere. This was true back in 2000 when my financial planning clients were moved out of the declining USA and into the merging Chinese markets (missing out on crashes during the “tech wreck”, skipping the crash of 9/11 and escaping relatively unscathed from the GFC).

As for investment markets, China, Australia, Africa, India & Germany emerged from the GFC stronger than before, whereas USA, UK & other markets are still showing signs of weakness in both property and stock markets.

As for your business, you just have to find the boom and discover how to get on board. I have been talking with a client this morning who was finding things tough in their geographic area. Within an hour we have worked out how they can expand the business, hire more staff using no extra money and no extra time, and launch their business into several other states as well as at least two more countries. *No longer just local, now Global*.

When you can operate one business locally, you are probably able to operate a similar business or the same business, on an international arena. Then, you are not at the mercy of local weather conditions, local market conditions or even country-wide economic conditions.

If having an international investment or having an international business took no extra money and took no extra time, what is stopping you? Where is your boom, now? http://ow.ly/ux0gf


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Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or www.24hourwealthcoach.com
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