Balancing the brain, health & wealth, money & happiness

Right now I call myself a Wealth Coach, having 20 years experience in analytical left-brained financial planning, and the last few years (after a heart attack at 32) focussing on right-minded meditation, hypnosis and other alternative arts. This gives a good balance of skills so that I can assist clients who need to balance work & life or those who seek to balance wealth & spirituality.

Although I do use hypnosis with many of my clients (and I am a qualified Professional Hypnotherapist), I do not do the “standard” hypnotic quit smoking and weight-loss routines. However, I have had several of my clients with whom I have used hypnosis for wealth creation, that later reported quitting smoking, quitting alcohol and losing unwanted kilos. 

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful, has amazing impacts and even the hypnosis experts cannot fully explain it all. How does a man walk on hot coals without burning his feet, or walk through an arrow with his neck intact? I have done both of these inexplicable activities and more things besides.

More adept yogis can use the power of the mind to lay on a bed of nails, walk on broken glass, or do other amazing physical feats whilst in an altered state of consciousness. You may not wish to lift a car or lie on nails, but perhaps you may wish to run a marathon, ride the Tour de France or make a million dollars? To some people, these things may seem impossible, to others, who know how, it is just a matter of technique. 

Maria* wanted to learn how to double her money (she had $2.7 Million and wanted to make it into $5 Million). In one hour, I showed her how to become wealthier in *all* aspects of her life; she went on to lose weight, get fit, reunite her estranged family and fall madly in love all over again, with her husband of 35 years.

If you look at the very first video on http:/// you will see Michael, who has increased his income by over 700% in less than a year. He has also experienced side-benefits (as opposed to ‘side-effects’) of becoming a better husband and father as well as increased happiness and tolerance. There are many other video clips there, some from accountants, book-keepers, a city mayor and several business owners. 

Some clients have an amazing breakthrough in a single session, but then have to go away and practice it to make it stick 100%; similar to how you would discover a new technique with a personal trainer, but then practice that in the gym for the next few weeks. 

I have created several guided meditations for my clients who wish to maintain the hypnotic state whilst not in my office, these are mp3’s which they can listen to each night or each morning for best results. Many other clients benefit from a yogic breathing technique which I teach them: it has the dual benefit of lowering stress and also being 90% effective in eliminating the desire for cigarettes, alcohol and comfort-eating. 

I like to help my clients to help themselves, so if I can teach them about NLP, Reiki, EFT (“tapping”), or meditation for physical health, Binary Sexology (TM) for relationship health and Flick Your Rich Switch (FYRST (R)) mindfulness techniques for financial health, it is all good and it is personally empowering.

Sometimes I will suggest that a client seek assistance from another practitioner, such as an acupuncturist, relationship coach or whatever may be required. Occasionally I may suggest that a client complete a course, seminar or read a book, in order to help them to get to the next level.

I do not want a client who is dependent upon me, in a similar fashion as to how doctors do not want hypochondriacs coming in every day for a new pill. An empowered and educated client will come back to learn the next level up; in that way, they challenge me in my process of self-improvement as much as I challenge them. 

In my opinion, there is no “impossible” record and no “unbreakable” high score. Whether you seek worldly riches or spiritual enlightenment, do not seek to merely be a second-rate copy of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, the Dalai Lama, Jesus or Buddha; seek to be the best possible YOU that you can be. Who knows? Perhaps you could even exceed the ability of your idol. Besides, abundance and happiness are not destinations, they are ways of travelling the journey. 


About 24hourwealthcoach

Jeremy Britton is a left-brained business coach who is occasionally in his right mind. He works 24 hours a week, has written a few books on wealth, health and business and is considered a thought leader in several arenas. Find him on the beach, on Facebook or
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